AHSGE Reading

5 Things to Keep in Mind for AHSGE Reading

The Alabama State Board of Education piloted the Alabama High School Graduation Exam (AHSGE) to evaluate the proficiency levels in the basic subject areas taught to students in the eleventh-grade of their high school. To pursue higher education and obtain a diploma for the state of Alabama, it is mandatory that every student must pass all the sections of the the test in addition to completing the credits as prescribed by the Alabama State Board of Education and the local schools. A brochure for AHSGE is provided to students when they enter the ninth grade of school. There are forms that need to be duly signed by the students and their parents to confirm the receipt of the brochure by the school authorities.

This exam helps a student to exhibit his capability and knowledge expertise to graduate from Alabama. It strongly emphasizes on mastering of the subject knowledge alongside possessing critical thinking and problem solving skills. This demands a detailed insight into the Reading, Maths, Science and Social Studies sections. This exam is designed to inculcate the importance and impart quality education to students at high school so as to aid them in crafting a rewarding career.

This exam is an assessment test that judges a student’s know-how and familiarity of the 4X4 basic curriculum in high school. The preparation for the exam involves a thorough brushing up of all that the student has learnt in high school. Conversely, it is quite apparent that the exam is not an arduous content of Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science.

In order to be well prepared and have the technical adroitness to excel the exam, you may need to keep yourself updated by following the official website http://www.alsde.edu/html/home.asp of the Alabama Department of Education. The exam is divided into 5 sections namely:

  1. AHSGE Reading
  2. AHSGE Language
  3. AHSGE Maths
  4. AHSGE Science
  5. AHSGE Social Studies

AHSGE Reading

The test content of the Reading section assesses your understanding and interpretation of the given reading materials and you will be asked to carry out critical analysis.

5 Important Factors to Score High in the Reading Section

  1. Test Questions:This section comprises of 84 multiple-choice questions with four options each to choose from.
  2. Pass Score: The required minimum pass score is 563.
  3. Duration: This section should be completed within a timeframe of 3 hours.
  4. Test Content: It involves the comprehension level of the eleventh grade high school studies.
  5. Reading materials: It is in the form of articles, poems, passages, prose, editorials, stories and instruction manuals.

Topics Covered in AHSGE Reading:

  1. From a given set of passages, You will be asked:
    • 6 questions to identify the details that support the main idea(s) of the passage.
    • 6 questions that determine the understanding of the events, including date and order of the event occurrences.
    • 6 questions to identify the directions embedded in the passage.
  2. From the given paragraphs and passages, You will be asked:
    • 6 questions to recognize the overview, main idea, theme, content, subject and moral of the passage.
    • 6 questions to draw conclusions based on the given information.
    • 6 questions to determine the causes and effects stated in the passage.
    • 6 questions to determine the propaganda and distinguish between the fact specified and given opinions of the author.
    • 6 questions to identify the statements prescribing summary of the passage.
  3. From the given paragraphs and passages, You will be asked:
    • 6 questions to judge and provide logic and critical thinking skills to comprehend the strength or weakness of an argument.
    • 6 questions to evaluate critical analysis strategies and judging the relative texts to comprehend the literally elements of the comprehensive passages.
    • 6 questions to understand the figurative language and analogy that enhance a comprehensive passage.
  4. You will be asked:
    • 6 questions to determine the word meaning of the given phrases in a passage through the use of context clues.
    • 6 questions to preview & predict the ability of a text content and distinguish organizational patterns.
    • 6 questions that will aid your understanding of using reference material to locate information.

You must remember that dedication and hard work will help you in mastering the subject expertise and thereby you will attain good scores in the Reading section of the test easily.