Objectives for AHSGE

Why Should One Take the AHSGE?

The Alabama High School Graduation Exam (AHSGE) is a common exam for all Alabama high school students, conducted six times during their school term. All students are required to pass this exam in order to obtain their high school diplomas. The exam tests how well a student has learned his/her subject concepts in the school. Hence, the exam content includes those courses that are a part of the Alabama high school curriculum.

If you are one among the students who need to take this test shortly, you need to understand the objectives clearly, before proceeding with the test preparation. The four main objectives of the test are:

Provides High School Diplomas to Students:

A number of students complete their school terms every year. It is the responsibility of the State Department of Education to confer diplomas to the passing-out students. Therefore, students cannot be issued the final diplomas without assessing their eligibility for graduation. For this purpose, the Alabama Department of Education has designed the exam for AHSGE. One of the objectives of this exam  is to act as a check-point to test the knowledge levels of the out-going high school students of Alabama. Thus, unless a student gains the pass score in the exam, he/she cannot graduate from school.

Evaluates a Student’s Knowledge in the School Subjects:

A student is taught several concepts in school that form the foundation of his/her education in life. Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies are the major courses of a school curriculum. Each course of study imparts their knowledge in a specific subject area that is essential for their career in the future. For instance, a future research scientist needs a strong base in Science which is provided primarily by the Science courses taught at school and later by specialization of advanced college-level Science courses.

However, before the student graduates from school, his/her mastery level in the school subjects needs to be assessed. Thus, there needs to be a fair system which carefully analyzes a student’s skills and knowledge before offering graduation. This is exactly one of the main objectives. It provides an equal opportunity for all Alabama high school students to prove their expertise in the school curriculum.

Helps to Enroll into the Course and College of Preference:

Invariably, all colleges require students to have a high school diploma in order to be eligible for admission. Hence, if you are aiming to enter your desired course of study after school, you need to earn your school diploma without fail. Also, several colleges depend on competitive exams like Computer-adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System (COMPASS) in order to select their in-coming students to specific programs. Most of such exams assess the skill level of students in the subjects they have learned in school. Therefore, taking the AHSGE prepares you to take other such tests with ease, thus, helping in entering your preferred college and course of study.

Aids in Employment

Before tests like AHSGE came into practice, several employers had complaints about the functioning abilities of fresh school graduates. It was difficult for the senior co-workers to train them in specific tasks related to work because of their lack of understanding of even basic concepts. The teaching and grading system differed from one school to the other which reflected in the differences in the skill levels of students as well.

In order to avoid such differences in the grading system, the Alabama Department of Education developed a uniform assessment strategy across all schools in Alabama. The  AHSGE served this purpose of connecting all the state schools through a common evaluation program. Thus, one of the objectives of the test is to prepare students to take up skillful jobs after school.

It is necessary to understand all the above-mentioned objectives and its importance because it helps you in realizing the significance of the exam and thus, motivating you to take sincere efforts towards a fruitful test preparation.