What is Math Section in AHSGE?

The Alabama High School Graduation Exam (AHSGE) is a pre-graduation test conducted to judge the preparedness of the tenth and eleventh grade students to take up graduate studies after they complete high school. The State of Alabama ordains a diploma to the students in order to pursue higher education and build a rewarding career. However, to receive this diploma, one must pass all the sections of the test in addition to completing the credits as specified by the Alabama State Board of Education and the local schools.

A precise understanding of the test format, sections and content is essential to receive remarkable scores. Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with the math, science social studies and reading sections. This exam was formulated in order to establish a strong foundation of quality education in the high school. It is quite noticeable that the exam does not consist of a difficult content of Math, Social Studies, Science and Reading but all that you have already learnt in your high school.

How to Take the AHSGE Test

In order to be proficient and well prepared for this exam, you may need to have a better outlook of the individual course of study. Every student is given a brochure for AHSGE when they enter the ninth grade. This is an aid to help you understand the test requirements and guidelines. A portion of the brochure requires you and your parents to duly sign so as to attain a proof of the fact that you have received the information. Follow the official website of the Alabama Department of Education to keep yourself updated. You may click on the link: http://www.alsde.edu/html/home.asp The exam is divided into 5 sections namely:

  1. AHSGE Reading
  2. AHSGE Language
  3. AHSGE Math
  4. AHSGE Science
  5. AHSGE Social Studies

Format of the AHSGE Math Section

The duration of the Math exam is 3 hours. The test section takes you through 100 multiple-choice questions with four options each to choose from. The minimum require passing score is 477 marks. This section is all about mathematical formulae and operations.

Structure of the AHSGE Math Section

The Math section judges your knowledge of geometry and algebra. It involves a thorough reading and understanding of formulae, shortcuts, tips & tricks to solve a problem, equations, functions, graphs and other basic mathematical concepts. The more you are proficient and fast in solving the problems, the better. The test comprises of 75% of the questions covering algebra and the rest 25% are the questions coming from pre-geometry.

A very supportive fact of the test is that you will be provided with a mathematical booklet that contains an entire list of the formulae to solve every problem asked in the test.

Topics Covered:

You will be asked 4 questions each from the following topics in the Math section:

  1. Apply order of operations
  2. Add and subtract polynomials
  3. Multiply polynomials
  4. Factor polynomials
  5. Solve multi-step equations
  6. Solve quadratic equations
  7. Solve systems of linear equations
  8. Solve multi-step inequalities
  9. Identify functions
  10. Find the range of functions
  11. Find perimeter, circumference, area, volume
  12. Find the distance, midpoint, slope
  13. Graph lines given certain conditions
  14. Determine solution sets of inequalities
  15. Translate: Verbal or Symbolic
  16. Apply properties and relationships between angles
  17. Apply Pythagorean Theorem
  18. Apply properties of similar polygons
  19. Apply properties of geometric figures
  20. Determine measures of central tendency
  21. Determine probabilities
  22. Solve problems: Direct Variation
  23. Solve problems: Algebraic Concepts

You will be asked 6 questions each from the following topics in the Math section:

  1. Graph: Linear Equations; Common Relations
  2. Graph: Equations or Inequalities

There are a multitude of websites that offer practice test papers and study tools to help you overcome every difficulty in the exam. However, remember only hard work and dedication pays!