Registration Details for AEPA

Step-by-step AEPA Registration Guide

The entry level educators in the state of Arizona, U.S, are required to take the AEPA test to earn teacher certifications in the desired subjects. This test is a measure of the professional and subject knowledge of the educators and therefore, their academic credentials. These tests are designed using a set of test objectives and it is important that the candidates learn about them before they go ahead with the AEPA registration process. The performance of a candidate in this test is assessed against a few established criteria and not against the performance of other candidates.

AEPA Registration Guidelines

Here is a comprehensive and step-by-step guide for the registration process:

Step 1: Learn About the Test
Your first step towards this process should be to understand the structure and the contents of the test. These tests are customized to meet the educational requirements of Arizona schools. Every custom AEPA test includes 2 sections i.e. subject knowledge and professional knowledge tests. Furthermore, each section of these tests contains 2 types of questions; namely, performance assessment and written response questions. For every educator certification, there is a corresponding exam that is to be taken. Currently, all the tests are paper-based. However, in March 2013, all the tests will move to computer-based testing.
Step 2: Create an AEPA Account
Next, you must create a registration account on the AEPA website and obtain a secured log-in id and password. While you create the account, you will be asked to provide valid personal information, including your SSN number, address and other details.
Step 3: Select the AEPA Tests
Thereafter, you must determine which of these tests you must take for the educator certification that you are seeking. You may visit this link to determine this information –
Step 4: Select Your Test Date and Test Location
The next important step in the process of registration is to review and choose your test dates and test sites. If you are taking the test after March 2013, you will be taking a computer-based test (CBT), otherwise you will take the paper-based test (PBT). The list of testing dates and venues differ for these two test formats. To review the available test dates for CBT and PBT formats, you may visit this link – Thereafter, you must also select a suitable test location. Again, the locations differ based on the test format. The CBT tests will be administered at selected Pearson centers. To review the complete list of available AEPA test centers, you may click on this link –
Step 5: Review the Available Registration Methods
Based on when you are registering for the test, you should check if your registration date falls within the early registration or late registration deadlines. Both early and late registration could be done via the internet registration method. If you are trying to register after the late registration deadline because of an emergency situation, then you may opt for the emergency registration method. The emergency registration can only be done through the phone. Moreover, before registering for the test you may also list down any special testing arrangements that you may need, due to a physical disability or illness or other special reasons. To review the available list of alternative test arrangements and how to apply for them, please visit this link –
Step 6: Review the Background Information and Testing Rules
While you are registering for the test, you will be asked questions on your earlier teaching experience, on whether you have completed the minimum teaching requirements, the name of the institute where you have completed your educator preparatory program, the name of any community college where you are enrolled and your current status in those programs, etc. You must keep all this information handy before you begin the actual AEPA registration process. Also, you must go through the testing rules and requirements at
Step 7: Register for the AEPA test
To register for the paper-based AEPA test, you may click on this link – To register for the computer-based test, you may click on

After you complete all the steps of the registration process, with the help of the information you have gathered in the above-mentioned steps, AEPA will send you a confirmation email. The instructions in this email will allow you to schedule your actual test appointment. Subsequently, you may also change your appointment date, test center or time, via your online AEPA account. You could also withdraw your appointment by sending in a withdrawal request.

In conclusion, we hope this article has given you a clear road-map on how to go about the complicated process of registration. For more details, you may go over to the AEPA website –