Fees for ACT Test

Payment Options for ACT

In order to take the ACT, you need to first register for it, by paying the required fee. The registration can be done online or through register-by-mail method. There are two types of test fees. The first one includes the regular registration fees and the other one is the fees required for availing the additional services like test center change, test date change etc.

Payment Options for ACT

    • Using Credit Card A candidate appearing for the test has to register by paying the required fees. The most common method used for registering is online. The fees for this method can be paid using a credit card. This is a very convenient option for paying the fees. You can use a valid MasterCard, Discover, American Express or Visa Card for paying the fees.
    • Using a Fee-Waiver If you have financial problems and are not able to pay the fees, then you can request for a fee-waiver. This fee-waiver covers the regular registration fees, which includes the fee for the ACT (No Writing) and the ACT Plus Writing. The fee-waiver covers the expenses involved in sending one score report to your high school and also for the reports that are sent to four colleges of your choice. This fee-waiver does not cover the fees for the additional services.
    • Using a State Voucher The fees can also be paid using a State Voucher. States like Colorado, Arkansas and Tennessee provide the students attempting the with vouchers. This voucher can be used for making the regular registration fee and also the fee for the additional services. This voucher can be used for paying the the test fees through the online as well as the register-by-mail method.
  • Using Other Methods If you are not able to pay the fees using any of the above mentioned methods, then you can make the payment using the paper folder of the register-by-mail packet. The paper folder will be sent to you when you request for the registration by mail method. This folder is sent back along with the required fee, after filling up the required details.

Test Fees

There are two formats of ACT available: ACT (No Writing) and the ACT Plus Writing. The regular registration fees cover your expenses for attempting the ACT (No Writing). It also entitles you to receive a personal score report and a score report which is sent to your high school. By paying the required fees you can send your score report to four colleges of your choice. Additional services include opting for the 5th and 6th college options, test date change, test center change etc.

Cost of ACT Test

    • The test fee for the ACT (No Writing) part is $34.00 and for the ACT Plus Writing, it comes to about $49.50.
    • If your score report needs to be sent to more than four colleges, you can add two more college options by paying $10.00 each.
    • If you want to re-register for the test using the telephone, then by paying a fee of $13.00 you can avail this option.
    • If you miss the registration deadline, then by paying the late registration fee of $21.00, you can carry out the late registration for taking the test. This facility is available only for the U.S. and Canada test locations.
    • If you miss the registration deadline for a particular test date, you can avail the Standby Testing option by paying $42.00. This facility does not guarantee you a seat, if a vacancy is available, then you may be allowed to take the test.
    • For taking the test outside U.S. and Canada, you need to pay a fee of $27.00. This fee is in addition to the regular registration fee.
    • If you miss the test date for which you had registered, you can request for a test change by paying a fee of $21.00. Similarly, you can request for a test center change by paying a fee of $21.00.
  • If you wish to receive the Test Information Release (TIR), you need to pay a fee of $18.00. This facility provides you with the answer scripts along with the answer key and scoring instructions.

When you register for the test by paying the required fees, you become eligible for attempting the test. Once you become eligible, you must prepare well, so that you get a good  score.