ACT Prep

The best way to prepare for the ACT test is to practice the tests as much as possible. Try the mock tests. Make sure you get a copy of the The Real ACT Prep Guide, as this book has actual test questions from prior exams. The practice material and tests will most closely simulate the types of questions you will see when you sit for the exam and will be very helpful in your preparation. It is better to buy two different guides for a better outcome. The student must put more pressure in areas which he is weak in. He needs to spend more time in preparing what he does not know.

Time management

Time management is the most crucial point that students appearing for the ACT test must have in mind. The most important way of achieving this skill is through practice. With each practice, the students learn to answer more effectively and most importantly, learn how to complete the test on time. The student can manage to master this skill by practicing on sample tests during  test preparation.

Position analysis & improvement

It is important to evaluate one’s position prior to the actual test preparation. This can be achieved by taking a practice test and finding the areas of weakness by calculating where the student makes more number of mistakes. It is crucial that the student concentrates not on the score but only on the assessment the test results provide.

Once the strengths and the weaknesses of the student have been established, the student can concentrate on improving on his weakness and betterment of strengths during the preparation.

The best way of achieving this is through reviewing the textbooks of the school level, without going too deep. Since grammar and math work on the foundation of a rather well-defined set of rules: it is advantageous to become familiar with these rules. By working on the foundations for a couple of months the student stands to gain in getting the concepts right, clarification of all his doubts. It helps to work through solved and unsolved examples of mathematical problems & verbal questions.

The student stands to gain a lot by familiarizing himself with the types of exam questions that would be asked and the common misconceptions about them. The details of the sections of the test and the question types with examples and explanations can be found in this web site. It is necessary for students to go through these details before attempting to practice the math and verbal skills