English Section of ACT

Always read through the passages in English section of ACT carefully before you start answering the questions. Be brief and to the point rather than beating around the bush. Go in for small and effective sentences rather than long and confusing sentences. Check for proper use of verb and nouns after you thoroughly go through the questions. Make sure you use phrases and idioms properly. Occasionally check for the time to keep a track of time. Remember that the English section does not test your grammatical knowledge, however it is essential that you do not make any grammatical errors.

The English section consists of five passages with multiples choice questions. The passages are different from each other on varied topics. It is for the student to decide which the best answer from the options given is. There are questions with the option No Change also present. Do check thoroughly before you answer such questions.

The section analyzes the student’s understanding and skills required for college education. In particular this section tests the Usage and Mechanics of the English Language, punctuation, Grammar in general and sentence structuring. The writing strategy, style and the organization of the English language are also tested in this section. Basically the overall basic English knowledge of the student is tested in this section.

About five passages of 325 words will be given in this section. Segments of the passage are underlined and numbered. The student has to decide whether the underlined portions are correct or not from the options given. The questions from this section can have errors in punctuation, structure or any other aspect.