Step-by-Step ACCUPLACER Sign-up Guide

The ACCUPLACER is a group of tests that intends to measure the knowledge of the students for continuing their college education. The purpose of this test is to place the students in suitable college-level courses that correspond with their skills and abilities. However, the scores or the results of this test are not the only factor that is taken into consideration; the academic performances of the students over the years along with their aims and interests are also taken into consideration while assessing their competence.

The ACCUPLACER is a computer-adaptive exam and there is a login procedure for each institution for registering themselves as eligible to administer this test.Thus, the institutions that are already registered can directly enter the system with their username and password; whereas new institutions have to login for ACCUPLACER and register their names along with other details. When it comes to logging, there are a few steps that must be followed by the institutions in order to conduct this test. Let us consider this stepwise guide to login in the following points:

  • The authorities of an institution must visit the web page at in order to locate the options for the login procedure that are clearly stated therein. They can directly sign up into the system with their username and password.
  • There are three steps of the login procedure wherein an institution is allowed to create an account in its name in case it is not already registered. For obtaining an access into the system of ACCUPLACER, the authorities of the institution have to click on the button of “New Institution Registration for accessing the web page at
  • Thereafter, the instructions provided in the web page are to be followed for filling in the details of the institution and its name in the required spaces at application is reviewed by College Board, the authority which is responsible for administering this exam and an email is sent to notify the institution for beginning with the test.
  • It is also necessary for the institution to check whether the system from which the login for ACCUPLACER procedure is being carried out, meet the requirements of the test administration as part of login. In order to complete this procedure, it is necessary to click on the button “System Requirements” to access the web page at
  • If an institution is monitoring those test takers who are taking ACCUPLACER with voucher, the button with the heading “Use Voucher” must be clicked for accessing the web page at for logging.


The students can take the placement test in different schedules and it is necessary for them to note thelogin procedure for the institution that is easily accessible from their house. There are separate dates for login procedure for the institutions and they can visit the respective web pages for availing the information regarding this. The online testing sites for few colleges are mentioned in the points below:

The login procedure for ACCUPLACER is one of the most important aspects of taking this test from the institution that is located close to their residence.