Accredited GED

Learn all about Accredited GED

The primary purpose of conducting this test is to measure the academic skills equivalent to that of an American/Canadian high school student. This five-subject test is conducted by the GED Testing Service of the American Council on Education (ACE) in partnership with the states and jurisdictions of the U.S states, insular areas, military & federal correctional institutions, and veterans administration hospitals, the District of Columbia, and the Canadian provinces & territories. This testing service formulates the testing procedures and passing standards. The states/jurisdictions manage the accredited GED tests and issue the credentials to those who pass the test.

Where to take Accredited GED Test?

You can take this test only at the official testing centers that are available across the U.S and other countries in the world. In order to know the details of U.S/Canada testing centers or the international testing centers, you can visit the testing center locator ( or International center locator websites of the testing service.

Online GED Options

Some online companies offer these programs that claim to conduct the actual test that grants a credential. However, beware of such illegitimate programs since accredited GED tests are conducted only at the official testing centers. Though online testing is not available, practice tests are available online. Many online websites claim to offer sites that offer accredited programs that allow you to take online preparation classes and online practice tests, but then you should take the actual test only in-person at an official testing center to get a valid credential.

These programs are generally not offered by any online high schools, colleges and universities. However, some of the accredited online high schools recognized by the US Department of Education offer online programs. But, it is important that you make a fine research over the Internet before spending your money in joining such online high schools or taking online tests. A few of the accredited online high school programs are listed below:

    • Excel High School Online GED Program Excel high school offers an online program that is nationally accredited by NPSAA. The online program offered at Excel High School is an accredited online High School Equivalency Certificate program. On successful completion of this program, it guarantees to issue a diploma that is valuable for improving your career, education and overall knowledge.
    • Liberty High School Online GED Program Liberty high school offers this program that is designed for adults of 18 years or more to complete their high school education. The passing of this online test provides opportunities for better work and education.

Tips to Choose an Accredited Online GED Program

The following tips will help you to choose one of the best accredited online programs:

    • Search over the Internet to determine whether the program you choose is legitimate or not.
    • Check whether the program is accepted by authorized accrediting agencies listed by the Education Department of your state.
    • Check whether the credential that is to be issued at the end of the chosen accredited online program is accepted by the colleges/universities you want to apply for or the organization where you want to work.

Acquiring your GED through an online program may save your time and money, but you will be really benefited only if you choose an accredited online program. Complete the chosen program successfully and take the actual test at one of the official testing centers about which you can decide by visiting the website To know more details regarding the truths and cautions about the testing online, refer to the ACE website