TOEFL Sample Essay

Your writing skills will be assessed by an essay, which you will have to write in the Writing section of the TOEFL. In both the test formats, a writing section exists, though with a little bit of difference. The iBT consists of a writing test section that has two tasks, each of which needs to be answered by an essay. The topic for any essay would be something of public interest, etiquette or of general subjects. You will have only one writing task for the writing section of the PBT test format. The writing section of the PBT format is called as the Test of Written English.

You must be competent in order to present a good essay in this test. You can find many sample essays online, from which you can learn basics of writing a good essay. However, any sample might help you to understand only the basics of writing etiquette. You must frame an essay with relevant content and examples on your own. This can be achieved through practice and contemplation. Pick up any essay topic and write it. Evaluate it for yourself. Since the topic for a sample essay is of general interest, you can practice writing essays for any news article that you may come across. This will help you develop opinion building and expression.

Practice contemplating on issues and frame your own ideas. Otherwise, write your version of an essay that you may come across. Compare with the original one and try correcting your writing skills. Practice on one example everyday at the least to continuously improve yourself. Here is an example that will help you to understand the way you must write an essay.


Learning about the past has no value for those of us living in the present. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


Life, offers us many different experiences in different situations and times. We live our life and struggle very hard in order to make a mark, or achieve our goal and realize our wishes to live happily and get satisfied. In this process, we succeed sometimes and stumble many a time. However, we keep on moving using different kinds of resources that we have. When we confront a devastating failure in our life, we try to overcome it by inspiring ourselves through different means of personal choices. So, life is all about learning; learning to survive, learning to fight, learning to take up responsibility, learning to love, learning to live and learning what it is to die. There are many different stages in our life and learning process. What we learn today may not be helpful for us today but it might be of help some time in the future and at that time, what you apply is from the past.

Learning to live in the present is very important and in fact, living the present is more important than learning to live in the present. Living the present is not just some theory that everyone can learn and apply. It is more and you must experience it. We surely do require knowledge of the past in order to make our present and henceforth our future shining. When you can respect the learning from past, you can certainly live your present. This is because, when you respect what you have learned, you will try to apply it to make your life happier.

Since our childhood, we have read different kinds of subjects, materials, texts which were all from the past. There are many scientific conclusions about the character of a particular individual being shaped up depending upon what he/she learns since his/her childhood. We were taught about different revolutions to help ourselves distinguish good from evil and right from wrong. We have indirectly been taught about many essential qualities through the happenings from past. We have been imbibed with courage, strength and the power to overcome difficulties. Likewise, we inculcated in us scientific interests, knowledge of different languages, cultures etc and it is no exaggeration to say that our learning in the past has a lot influence on the life that we live today.

In conclusion, the statement that suggests learning about past is of no use is disagreeable. Learning about the past helps us know and understand ourselves more. We work hard today to gain recognition and to inspire others. Why do we do that? We do it because we want to be remembered in someone's future.