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TOEFL exam is a test of English language, so it is essential that by constant online practice you make yourself comfortable with all the aspects of English language. Before we discuss various aspects of online practice we should remember that the aim of practice is to constantly improve your level of preparation and overcome your weaknesses. So before you start studying for the test you should take a sample test to know your present level of preparation and your weaknesses. Then study hard to remove all those weaknesses. After that you should take online tests at regular intervals as per your plan. You must remember that it is not the practice tests that will improve your knowledge but the study between these tests.

Online practice is not just to improve your knowledge, it will help you to have a proper time plan for your exam. Constant test practice will also familiarize you with the format and the directions for the various sections and the types of questions. Regular practice will make you develop your own techniques to answer certain types of questions. Many web sites on the internet provide you with such techniques for practice which will also be helpful for you to save time during the exam. These have the benefit of 24 hour access. Students are not bound by any time constraints. Nor are they dependent upon external factors like class or teachers etc for online tests. It is the most comfortable form of practicing for the test.

There are two formats of TOEFL exam available. Let’s discuss some aspects of the two formats that may affect your preparation.

iBT or Internet Based Test

iBT test is taken online and it is designed to test the four skills namely reading, writing, speaking and listening, which are required to know any language. The answers to these questions are required to be typed. It will be helpful if practice for iBT is done online or on a computer. This will help you improve your speed during examination. Special practice for typing may also prove very helpful.

PBT or Paper Based Test

PBT test is taken on paper. The answers are required to be filled in an answer sheet with a pencil. Practice should be done using similar question papers and answer sheets. Also as a part of the exam you are required to write an essay on a specified topic of general nature. A good legible writing with fast speed may help you do well.

There are online tutorials and tests provided by the official ETS web site itself. These online practice tests, which are of the same format as the real exam will give you the correct feedback for improving upon your weaknesses. It will help you to get ready for the real test. The score obtained in these tests will also give you a fair idea about your present level of knowledge and help you to identify areas where future practice may be focused. 

All your TOEFL practice sessions should be based on conditions which should be close to the real conditions. Constant online practice and study based on the feedback from this practice will familiarize you with the exam conditions and provide you with confidence. This will help you save a lot of time and excel in the exam.

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