TOEFL Exam Dates

TOEFL Dates for Upcoming Exams

TOEFL, the Test of English as a Foreign Language is administered by ETS (Educational Testing Services). If you want to study in an English speaking nation and are not a native English speaker, then you have to take up this test.

This test is available in 2 formats, the paper-based test (PBT) and the internet-based test (iBT). There are around 30-40 dates available in the iBT format. The PBT format of the test is offered 6 times in a year. The exam dates are in February, March, April and May.

This link gives you the details of exam appointments in different countries with the registration fee amount and the available format of the test. All the test centers do not offer the paper based test.


You can register online, by phone, by mail or by going in-person to the testing center for iBT. The registration closes 7 days prior to the exam. You can register by paying a late registration fee of $35 till 3 days before the exam dates, excluding the exam day. Walk-in registration on the test day is not allowed. If you are registering by mail, then make sure that your completed application form reaches the test center at least 4 weeks prior to your exam date.

If you wish to cancel or change your dates, you can cancel or reschedule up to 3 days before the test excluding the exam day. If you cancel you will get a refund of half your test fee. You can reschedule within the 3 days deadline by paying an additional fee of $60.

For PBT, the registration deadlines are different from the iBT. This can be viewed at For the paper based test, you can cancel the registration and get a 50% refund on the registration fee. You have to send the refund request form available at and the admission ticket within 60 days of the exam date.

For Sabbath observers a non-Saturday is fixed as the exam date. If your center does not have a Friday test day, you can request for one by sending a letter signed by your religious cleric along with the registration form and fees.

Choosing an Exam Date

Choosing an exam date is one of the most important tasks and first task that you have to complete before sitting for the test. While deciding on a test day from the available ones, a few things have to be considered.

  • Check if the format of TOEFL you want to take up is available on that particular exam date.
  • If you have to take up the test in a location away from the place where you stay, check if the location is comfortable for arriving there and for a stay there.
  • Check if you have enough time to prepare for the test.
  • Check when the scores will be released and whether you will have enough time to apply for the universities for higher studies.
  • Since the seats for the test are allotted on a first-come first-served basis, check if the date you are interested in is available. To ensure the availability try to register early for the test.
  • If you are registering using the mail option, decide on the test date early so that your registration form reaches the center well before the deadline.

Choose your test date carefully and early which will help you in preparing for the test well in advance to get a high score. Once the registration process is done, your full concentration can be on preparing, without worrying about the availability of your desired test date.