TOEFL Essay Sample

Essay writing is part of the Writing section for both of the test formats TOEFL PBT and the TOEFL iBT. Through this section, your writing skills are put to test. In order to score high in this section, you must develop competent writing skills. You will come across many essay samples if you go online. First, carefully observe each one that you may come across. Notice the way it is written, in terms of language usage and content building. You can learn many things pertaining to writing from a good example. Any sample online is written based upon some general issue and reflects the opinions of the author. It not only expresses an individual's opinion but also reinforces the views with relevant examples.

In TOEFL, you are required to present an essay with examples and instances that can substantiate your point of view or expression. Practice is evident. When you see a sample, write an essay for the same topic reflecting your own opinions and compare it with the actual essay. This way, you can improve your skills a lot. ETS has published an official document that presents to the candidates some topics for practice. You must not miss it and make sure that you refer to all the sample topics contained in that particular document. Below is an essay written for one of the topics taken from the said official ETS document.


Some movies are serious, designed to make the audience think. Other movies are designed primarily to amuse and entertain. Which type of movie do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


The film industry today is undoubtedly one of the biggest industries in the world. It is no exaggeration to say that movies are the most highly regarded form of art. Although, there are other prominent forms of art, movies and theatre are considered the most esteemed. Apart from being one of the largest industries of the world, the film industry is very influential, powerful on monetary scale and in terms of work force involved. From such a big industry, there have been movies rolling out since as early as 1905, not considering the theatre plays. Since then, there have been scores of movies that have made an important mark in the history of films. Movies of different genres have impressed and captivated people.

There are many films that are made seriously and are made with an intention to make people think or reflect society's problems, bring awareness among people about scandals, expose socio-economic problems and much more. On the other hand, there are movies that are made just in order to amuse or entertain people. Movies of each of the above sect have their own importance and prominence among the audience. Movies must reflect what we are and the happenings around us. They are a medium for igniting vigilance in the society.

For instance, consider two great movies: Shawshank Redemption and the Harry Potter series. The former movie is a gripping narration of the lives of the inmates at the Shawshank jail and the way they get redemption in order to feel the real joy in life. On the other hand, Harry Potter is all about a super-world that might never exist and it takes the audience into a new world where magic is the driving force behind human beings. The Harry Potter series might have grossed more but Shawshank Redemption is considered a classic in the history of films. Considering a situation in our personal lives when we are low or in depression and if we were to watch a movie, then we would certainly pick up Shawshank Redemption.

In conclusion, movies with a point that can reflect our real lives, situations, failures, love and emotions are certainly treasured more than the movies that simply amuse or entertain us.