TOEFL Essay Example

The essay writing section of TOEFL is one section where candidates can let their imaginations loose. The topics for essays in the test are very diverse and one must make use of good vocabulary and figures of speech in English to write a good essay. A good essay example is one that is not too wordy yet at the same time makes use of correct and novel English words. Alongside, candidates have to remember the time limit (30 minutes) and the word limit (minimum 300) of the essay writing section of the test before writing an example.

The essay given here is a sample that can be used as a reference while practicing your own essays in TOEFL. The topic has been extracted from the list of the official topics that is given in the website. It is always better to take a cue from the official list of topics first, before attempting to write on other topics. The writing list given on the website is sometimes used to determine the final essay topics and you never know, your topic from the official list may occur in the final test as the final essay topic.


If you could meet a famous entertainer or athlete, who would that be, and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

TOEFL Essay Example

If I could meet a famous entertainer, I would have loved to meet Charlie Chaplin. Though he is no more but his work still lives with us and speaks volumes about his excellence and talent.

Charlie Chaplin`s real name was Sir Charles Spencer and his work was quite prevalent in the times when movies did not have sounds. He had also been a child artist and his name has evolved to be synonymous with comedy. Charlie Chaplin was a comedian in the age and time when entertainment was at its gestational stage. The First World War had not ended and society was not as free from the shackles of autocracy as it is today. The world had not come to accept the television, the cinema and the arts like modern times. Entertainment was still a hush-hush affair and only the rich could enjoy the talents of the artists of those times. The unique art of Charlie Chaplin can be called the foundation of comedy and entertainment. He worked for everybody and through his films, everyone was entertained.

I am so intrigued by his personality because, it amazes me to see how a normal human being can have so much power to attract and entertain without even saying a single word. His expressions and his persona amaze me as well.

Charlie Chaplin`s looks were very unconventional and funny. Even to this day, comedians copy his looks when they want to give a comic effect to their acts. His hat and moustache look is copied time and again in fancy dress competitions and theme events. His look is an indispensible part of his persona as an artist.

Though he made the world laugh and I also always laugh at his comedy, but, for me, he is more than just a comedian. He is more serious an actor than any other. He is serious because of his dedication to his art and his multifaceted talent. He was not only an actor but also a live performer, a composer and a director of movies. He wanted the world to be happy even in gloomy times. If I could go back in time and meet him then I would be the luckiest person alive.