Longman TOEFL

Why Should You Opt for TOEFL Prep by Pearson Longman

The Longman preparation course books of TOEFL are some of the most popular and widely used preparation materials. The course provides comprehensive coverage of all tests, tasks and questions that can be expected in TOEFL. The Longman course books are available for all candidates of the test. It does not matter whether you are looking for an intermediate level of preparation, or an advanced level. Different course books are available for TOEFL as per your requirement.

The language in the books is not complex, but it teaches you the complexities of the English language that you need to know for the TOEFL. There is sufficient practice material in each book. This consists of practice questions, pre-tests, short tests aimed at particular sections of the test and complete tests that simulate the real TOEFL. The books are accompanied by CDs that feature the audio study material that you will need to prepare. The Longman books also contain features to help you to assess your own performance in the practice tests. For these reasons, many students opt for the Longman course for TOEFL preparation. The following paragraphs are a review of these books.

  1. Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL® Test: iBT, Second Edition:

    In the second edition of this book, all the study materials have been updated to reflect the latest preparation requirements for TOEFL. Diagnostic pretests are given for each test section. This will help you to assess yourself right at the beginning of preparation for each test. The material focuses on the important aspects of each test. The instructions are easy to follow and exercises are provided to help you constantly review what you have learnt. The book also provides strategies to enable you to tackle the questions in the test. This book also features eight mini-tests. These are short tests that will help you in further self- assessment of your progress.

  2. Longman Introductory Course for the TOEFL® Test: iBT:

    This preparation book will be useful for you if you are at an intermediate level in English. You can use this book to prepare the basics, and then move on to the books for more advanced preparation. It features material on all tests of the TOEFL, including exercises and tasks for the Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing tests. This book also has diagnostic pretests, four mini-tests and one complete test at a beginner level, to help you gain practice. It also features one test that is at the level of the actual TOEFL.

  3. NorthStar: Building Skills for the TOEFL® iBT

    Pearson Longman and ETS have combined their efforts to produce a series of preparatory books for the TOEFL. The 'NorthStar' books are available at three levels; intermediate, high intermediate and advanced. The first part of each book contains practice topics for the type of questions that can be expected in the test. The second part contains practice material for each of the tests plus an answer key. The books also feature strategies and tips that will help you to answer the questions in the test. The contents are similar but the difficulty level of the questions increases from the intermediate to the advanced level books.

  4. 'Classroom Activities' and 'Lesson Planner':

    These are two books meant for those who tutor or teach students preparing for the TOEFL. They contain materials on how to teach the different strategies needed for performing well in the test, assignments and activity sheets, and various other means of preparatory help.

With such a variety of preparatory books available, it is not surprising that Longman course books are some of the most widely used preparation materials for TOEFL. You should be able to find something that fits your requirements, regardless of which level of preparation you want, and whether you want the books as a student, or as a teacher of TOEFL preparation.