Free TOEFL Preparation

5 Things To Consider When You Look For Free Prep Materials.

TOEFL Free Prep Materials

TOEFL is a popular exam which measures your skills and capabilities of English language and its correct usage at workplaces or academic institutions. The score is used by recruiters to measure your proficiency in English language. In order to ace this test, you need to prepare well and enrol yourself in preparation courses or online training courses. However, you may not have enough financial back up to fund your preparation course. It is in this regard that the free study materials, aims and strategies, found at several online sites come in to play. As they are free, they are mostly available in formats like e-books, .pdf, etc. Hence, you should have a minimum requirement to view these preparation resources. A standard computer, preferably with speakers for assistance in Listening and Writing sections of TOEFL is recommended. In addition, you should have an internet connection for downloading the e-books and online prep resources.

How Do Free Prep Materials Help You?

Free resources help you in describing the contents and test sections clearly. You can understand the test format, the question types and the structure by following them. Moreover, you can join several online forums and discussion panels where your fellow competitors and TOEFL teachers share ideas and links to more study resources. There are loads of other advantages in following these materials and techniques which can be learnt only after making use of these materials. Nevertheless, it is always useful to know about the necessary requirements and specification that you should look for before choosing the free prep resources.

Measures to Take Before Selecting the Free Prep Materials

There are certain features and elements that these materials must contain to be legitimate and beneficial. These components are:

  • Sample Tests: They must contain at least two or more sample test papers. This is an important aspect of all free preparation materials for TOEFL. If you do not get to solve enough preparation tests, you can never aspire to score well. The more practice tests you work out, the greater are your chances of attaining a promising score.

  • Check for Updated Materials: The materials must be updated and regularly revised by the online administrator who manages the online preparation materials. The syllabus, questions and study resources of the test must be contemporary and up to the test standards. You will not be benefited if you prepare for TOEFL based on outdated preparation materials.

  • Go for Materials with Study Planners: Look for the preparation aids which have a study planner or a proper study routine to help you become disciplined about preparation. Many of the online test preparation come with such planners that impart tips and strategies to stay focussed on your aim.

  • Answer Keys: The sample test and practice tests that you work out should preferably carry answer keys and proper explanations for questions. Answer keys or explanations erase all your doubts about certain questions, which you either did not understand or had put aside to work out later.

  • Sample Essay Exercises: The resources for preparing essay-writing section must carry ample examples. Examples include essay responses, tips for framing an essay, process of approaching the core of the essay question, etc. Alongside, the essay prompts given as drills and exercises must cover a range of subjects and topics.

If your desired study resources do not fit the above mentioned requisites, you should not stop looking for preparation materials as there are ample choices available with respect to these. You must remember that seeking free prep materials is a challenge and there are no comprehensive preparation materials available. You have to arrange materials from several sources to make your study resources comprehensive. However, in the following part of the article, you can find out some useful links to websites where you can browse through some trustworthy sample papers, study materials and practice questions for TOEFL.

Links to Free Test Prep Materials

Following links point to some productive and useful websites which shall help you in your preparation:

The last link takes you directly to the ETS website where you get many tips to prepare for this test. Remember that these preparation materials are simple starters. The actual preparation starts when you commit yourself to practice and take mock tests. Practicing with free prep questions and taking mock tests are the basic elements which tune you perfectly for taking TOEFL.