Suitable Dates for THEA

When is the Best Time to Take the THEA?

The THEA is also known as the Texas Higher Education Assessment. It was initiated by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in the 1980s specifically for the state of Texas. Since its development in the year 1989, it has been used in the state of Texas by various students, educational colleges and universities to help in the admission process for different diploma and certificate programs. This particular article will describe in detail the information regarding the important timelines that you must keep in mind.

It must be known that there are appropriate times for different candidates to take the THEA. This depends on two factors: the format of the test and the test center where you will be giving the test. You need to check whether you belong to any one of these categories before moving ahead with the test-taking process.

The Best Time to Take the Test for Different Categories of Students

  1. Students who are Entering a Public College or University in Texas

    Ideally, if you are a student who is entering a public college or university in Texas, you may have to take the test before you enroll in any college-level coursework. You need to check the test schedule accordingly. You may be exempt from testing; in order to check this, you need to either contact the testing center or you may also contact the advising office which of the Texas College or University that you are planning to attend.

  2. Students who have Taken up Dual Credit or Concurrent Enrollment

    If you are such a student who is planning to enroll in those college courses that can count for both college and high school credits under your school's dual credit program or concurrent enrollment program, you need to meet the requirements for being eligible for the program. The test date and time needs to be checked according to when you meet these requirements. For this, you may consult and discuss the issue with the academic counselor at your school. Then, you will be able to determine the perfect time to take up the test.

  3. Students who are Seeking Admission to an Educator Preparation Program

    If you are student who is seeking to get admission to an Educator Preparation Program that is approved by the state of Texas or any other alternative certification program, then you need to give this test in order to demonstrate your skills in the key areas of reading, writing and mathematics. To determine the best time for yourself and the time to take the test, you need to contact your Educator Preparation Program.

  4. Educators Revalidating Their Teaching Certificates

    If you are a teacher who wishes to revalidate his or her teaching certificate, you need to give the test just before you apply for a position or to change streams.

Important THEA Dates

Most of the test centers have their own schedules. So, once you select a test center, you need to check the dates on which it is offering the test. The schedules of some colleges are given below:

  1. University of Dallas, Texas: This center offers only the Quick Test format.

  2. Kilgore College: The schedule for this test center is mostly during May, June and July.

  3. University of Texas, Arlington: The center holds the test around the month of May till June.

Hence, you can notice that there are no universally fixed timelines and most time slots are subject to change. You need to select the format of your test and depending on that, select the test center where you will be giving the test. Then, you will have the option of choosing from the test dates that apply to that particular test center. Thus, you must start researching for the appropriate center and the corresponding dates in order to have your test scheduled in time and have ample time for its preparation.