Selecting the Best Guides for TExES

How to Choose the Best TExES Study Materials?

A study material is the resource that a person preparing for TExES would consult, in order to get a grasp on the test-related academic concepts and practice test questions. The study materials may be available in a number of forms, such as, study guides, review books, practice tests, etc. in both the online and offline modes. Study materials play a significant role in one's success in any standardized examination, provided one knows the techniques to derive maximum benefit from them. The prep materials are published by both the official and unofficial TExES-related websites.

Reviews of Popular Study Materials

  1. Official TExES Preparation Material- The official TExES Educator Certification website offers TExES Preparation Material ( This webpage contains several important resources which aid in the preparation for TExES. As these resources are official resources of the TExES examination authorities, one can safely assume that these are authentic. Apart from the different resources that provide reliable and high quality information on the different types of tests, test preparation and test taking strategies, this webpage contains hyperlinks to the downloadable official prep material ( The official Interactive practice tests webpage ( also gives one the scope to practice the test questions interactively.

  2. Mometrix TExES Secrets Study Guide ( - Mometrix publications are always of great help, when it comes to preparation for standardized tests, and they are no different in maintaining the same usefulness in the case of their guidance for TExES. This study guide is highly recommended  for the following reasons:

    • Mometrix is known for its high quality researchers who are selected to work with this publication house only after undergoing stringent tests of their suitability for working for it.

    • The researchers of this publication house have found out the most successful ways of tackling this exam, so that students can perform well in it by applying these most effective study strategies.

  3. TExES Study Sessions ( Study Manuals and Practice Tests - The TExES Study Session website provides TExES study material in the form of hyperlinks to study manuals and practice tests. The TExES Study Sessions study manual discusses each and every aspect related to these examinations, in details. Designed as a perfect review book, it consists of vocabulary listings, vocabulary cards, discussion questions, etc. There is a separate manual for each of the TExES tests. Practice tests consisting of 50 questions each are provided as supplements to the TExES study manuals.

    For more study resources, you can visit the Texas Women's University website ( and download links to the various study materials from there. Study materials for the individual subjects are also available.

How to Choose the Best Study Materials?

Though command over various subjects is of great importance to perform well in this test, the guidance of a good study resource is also of equal or greater importance. Good materials are expected to have the following characteristics:

  1. It has authentic information- While purchasing a book, you have to check for authenticity of its content. Typically, it should have been written by an authorized subject matter expert, and published by the official testing authorities or non-official publishers of good reputation. When purchasing, please make sure that the qualifications of the author are competent enough to write its content. Books written by TExES teachers are generally known for their authenticity.

  2. It presents tougher practice questions- The practice questions provided in the study material should ideally be tougher than those you encounter in the examination. Practicing tougher questions will put you in the habit of answering questions of a higher standard than the actual TExES, so that you answer the questions effortlessly, when you answer them in the examination hall.

  3. It should be compact and contain references to authentic in-depth sources of learning- A good material will try to supplement its contents with references to in-depth study materials, as and when appropriate. It will also enhance your study resources with study videos etc.

  4. It is updated with the most recent updates- An online study material is more updated than the printed version. Hence, it is better to opt for the online version than the offline one.


Preparing for TExES with the aid of a good prep resource is of utmost importance for passing the examinations with high scores. While selecting a study guide, you should verify if it is satisfying the characteristics of a good one, as discussed in the previous section of this article.