Subjects Tested in TExES

List of Competencies for TExES

The TExES stands for Texas Examinations of Educator Standards. The test is based on the standards set forth by the State Board of Educator Certification, Texas. These standards determine the prerequisites that an educator must possess in order to teach and educate the students in Texas public schools.

The purpose of the test is to measure and evaluate the knowledge that an entry-level educator must have to be a part of the public school education system in Texas.

What are TExES Proficiencies?

The entire test is organized into different content areas. Each of these content areas is called a domain. Each domain has one or more standards that are defined by what we know as the proficiencies required for this test.

The TExES Abilities According to Various Subjects

  1. Language

    The teacher who aspires to teach courses related to languages needs to be able to design instructive materials and also implement them in the class in such a way that all students are able to grasp the information. Additionally, the teacher needs to understand the basic structure of the language and provide opportunities to students to learn the same. All the four aspects of a language i.e. reading, writing, speaking and listening must be well-taught in the class. All these requirements form an important part of the skills that are necessary for teaching the language subjects. Subjects such as English as a Second Language, Latin, Germany, French, Latin and Spanish come under this category.

  2. Mathematics

    The teacher who wants to take up the subject area of Mathematics is required to know the concepts of basic mathematics such as real numbers, geometry, probability, statistics, measurement and mathematical processes in detail. For explaining these concepts to the students, the teacher must use innovative techniques and newer materials, and he or she also needs to make the class more interactive. This is helpful in building a strong base for the student. The subjects under this category are: Mathematics and its combination subjects such as Mathematics with Engineering, Mathematics with Physical Science and Mathematics with Science.

  3. Science

    The various competencies for Science related areas are some of the most important requirements. The teacher who is planning to pursue a career in Science education at the school level needs to illustrate concepts of science and needs to manage the Science subjects with respect to handling the laboratory as well as the class. He or she also needs to elaborate to the students the impact of Science in our daily life. In this way, the students will be able to appreciate the concepts if they are able to apply in real life. The subject areas that fall under this category include Science, Technology Applications and Life Science etc.

  4. Social Science

    The teacher who aspires to teach the subjects related to Social Science needs to apply the knowledge he or she has regarding subjects such as history, geography and economics. World history and US history both account for more than 15% of the test content. Hence, these subjects must be thoroughly revised. The teacher also needs to be able to show how governments and society affect the life of individuals. The subject areas in this category consist of Social Science, History etc.

  5. Arts

    The teacher who pursues arts must be able to analyze pieces of art such as literature, fiction, images etc so that he or she can make the students understand what they are studying. This requires an ongoing effort in the understanding of art and acknowledging its subtleties. The students in this case will learn by example and will follow the teacher depending on the efficiency of the teaching material he or she provides. This is also one of the most important proficiency that an Arts teacher must possess. This category includes the areas of Art, Dance, Humanities and Theatre.

  6. Computer and Technology

    As per the expertise required to be possessed by a teacher for computer and technology related subject, a computer teacher needs to be aware of all the concepts, terms and terminologies that are involved in the hardware and software of the computer system. Different pieces of information must be conveyed in the proper appropriate formats. The appropriate usage of all the programs, software and hardware needs to be well taught so that no information is misused. This area contains areas of Computer Science and Technology Applications.

  7. Teaching and School Management

    The teacher who will be part of managing the teaching and school needs to follow the norms of the Teaching and School Management subjects thoroughly. He or she needs to understand the diverse needs of the students in the class. Managing the premises of the class, the schedules, different activities and the communication with the parents are just some of the activities that the teacher needs to care of. The subject areas under this category are Superintendent, School Counselor, and Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities.

  8. Special Education

    There are students with special needs in each school and system. The teacher who aspires to deal with such students on a regular basis must be well-equipped to perform this task efficiently. He or she needs to demonstrate that he or she is sensitive towards such special education. The most important quality a teacher needs to possess in such a case is clear communication. This category includes the subjects of Braille, Visually Impaired and Special Needs.

  9. Business and Marketing Education

    In this case, a teacher who is going to take up subjects pertaining to business needs to demonstrate that he or she has the desired level of expertise to deal in subjects like finance, mercantile law, accounts, productions and operations, marketing etc. The teacher needs to highlight the importance of each of these subjects into the daily life of the student and show how simple concepts go a long way in helping us in the business world. This is one of the most important quality that a teacher aspiring to have a career in teaching these subjects should possess. This category includes subjects like Marketing Education and Business Environment.

  10. Health and Physical Education

    Last, but not the least, health and physical education is an important area for which the skills are designed. As per these, the teacher who is planning to take up physical education, herself or himself must be thoroughly fit. He or she must have the full working knowledge of all the sports and games that are part of the general curriculum. He or she also needs to understand the strategies of conflict management and how to strengthen intra team relationships, while encouraging healthy competition. This area includes the subjects of Sports, Health Science and Technology.

For further information on any of these general requirements, you can visit the link At this link, you will find all the proficiencies and their descriptions categorized under different subjects. You can download the subject-specific information required by you conveniently from this link.