Preparing for TExES

10 Tips to Pass the Exam

The Texas Examinations of Educator Standards are an important set of tests designed and developed to examine educator candidates' knowledge and professional skills against certain competency criteria. As part of the Texas Educator Certification program, and mandated by the Texas Administrative Code, this set of tests helps maintain the quality of public school teaching in the state, by ensuring the entry of only qualified and able professionals into the field of education (

Accordingly, passing the test can be a critically important concern for you, if you are an entry-level educator aspiring to work in any of the Texas public schools. In this article, get to know how you should go about preparing yourself for this test, and find some tips and skills that can help you pass this test.

Gear Up for the TExES Test

As mentioned earlier, the objectives of the testing is to ensure the quality and professional abilities of prospective educators. Accordingly, the test is developed to measure the minimum level of competencies and domain knowledge required to become an educator in the respective field. It is essential that all the relevant aspects are taken care when you prepare yourself for the test. Here are certain guidelines on how you should go about your test preparations:

  • While preparing for the test, it is essential that you learn all the different aspects of the test in detail, and in advance.

  • Also, you should take care to get the necessary help for preparation, in terms of prep books, other materials and professional help, if required. With plenty of materials available, you should also be careful to choose the most appropriate and authentic materials for your test preparation.

  • Another important aspect when gearing up for the test is that you should practice as much as possible with real-like questions and tests.

  • Also, based on your individual needs, you may chalk out a prep plan and follow it. This will help you ensure that you cover all required areas and keep a record of your progress.

  • While preparing for the test, you should keep focus and stick to your plan. On the test day, be focused, and keep your cool.

Listed below are ten tips that can surely help this task of preparing easier for you:

Tips to Pass the Test

  1. Plan and prepare. The volume of content assessed in any TExES test is huge. Also, you may need to focus on specific areas, according to your abilities and needs. Hence, you need to plan and systematically prepare yourself to the test.

  2. Be aware of the test pattern and question formats. While some tests have only multiple-choice questions, some may also have open-ended questions. So learn about your test format and prepare for it.

  3. Choose recent study guides. The test format keep changing over time. Hence, choose a study guide that is most recent and reflects any changes in the test format/pattern.

  4. Choose test guides that include more difficult questions, especially in the Math area. Several previous test takers have noted that Math questions tend to be less straight forward and often require you to create your own equations. Hence, choose guides that can help you prepare for this aspect of the test.

  5. Rely on Texas teachers. The test content is written with the help of practicing educators from Texas. Hence, while choosing a prep program or book, why not stick to those from people with real experience and expertise in the field?

  6. No negative marking. You may even guess your answers, if you do not know them. This can definitely increase your chance of scoring more.

  7. Questions can be tricky. Do not be in a hurry to finish the test. Also, think twice before you answer, especially if the questions are not too straight-forward.

  8. If retaking, learn from your previous score report. Your previous score report can be the basis of the new prep plan when you retake the test. Accordingly, you may focus more on required areas.

  9. Join a forum or group. Fellow and former test takers and experienced people in the field may add a lot to your TExES prep efforts. Hence, join a good forum where you can ask questions, and participate in discussions. A to Z Teacher Stuff (, and The teachers' corner ( are some good forums available online.

  10. Above all, be composed and relaxed. Stay focused during your preparations, and keep your calm during testing. This helps you focus and perform better.

To conclude...

The TExES battery includes tests that measure the qualities and professional knowledge levels of educators and are important for all aspiring educators in the state of Texas. If you are planning to take up the test sooner or later, the tips listed above may be of help to prepare for the test, and also to pass it with the highest of honors.