All You Need to Know About TExES

Benefits of Understanding the TExES Format

The TExES is an important test for those who want to pursue a career in teaching especially the ones who are keen on a career in teaching English as a Second Language. The benefit of understanding the test format is given in the first part of the article and the details of the test is also provided for your understanding.

Advantages of Understanding the Test Format

  • No Surprises- If you go to the exam hall without knowing the details of the exams, many surprises that lead to stress will be waiting for you. All the aspects of the test like the number of questions, the subjects tested, time limit will be new to you and this may catch you off-guard.

  • Speed- Once you know the test format, you can answer the test questions faster. This will help you in completing the test paper and thereby increasing your chances of getting a high score.

  • Preparation- You can prepare for the test only when you know the test format and only with a good preparation can you attain a high score.

  • Duration- You have to be mentally prepared to sit through the duration of the test and for this you must know the duration of the test.

  • Scores- A high score is required to pass in this test. You can attain a high score only if you know the pattern of the test.

  • Tips- When you know the format of the test; you can adopt and use certain tips that will help you in acing the test.

Details about the TExES

  • The this exam is administered to identify suitable candidates for the teaching positions in Texas.

  • There are more than 60 subjects that are available for certification with TExES being one of them.

  • The exams are scored in the range of 100-300 and the passing score is 240 and only those candidates who score above this are selected for the profession of teaching.

  • Two versions of the test are available: Computer-based CAT version and the paper-based PBT version. While all the subjects are available in the PBT version, only some are available in the CAT version.

  • Two types of TExES exams are offered and these are Content test and PPR test. While the Content test is administered to determine your level of knowledge in a specific subject, the PPR test is a theory test and is administered after you have been hired as a teacher. Once you pass the Content test, you become a 'highly qualified' candidate to teach English as a Second Language.

  • The total duration of the test is 5 hours.

  • Most of the questions asked in the exam are multiple-choice type of questions. However, open-ended written or oral types of questions are also administered.

  • $120 is the registration fee for the exams. Other additional fees like late registration, emergency registration are collected for late or emergency registration.

  • You can register for the test through online registration, phone registration or mail-in registration.

  • The fees can be paid by credit or debit card but the card must either be an American Express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard or JCB.

  • There are no negative markings for incorrect answers and therefore, you can take guesses while answering the questions.

  • The CAT version is offered several times in a week and the scores are released within 5 days. On the other hand, the PBT is offered only once in 60 days and the scores are released after 3 weeks of the test date.

  • A good teacher must have an in-depth knowledge about the subject and therefore, the TexES tests your level of knowledge and you have to prepare thoroughly to display your knowledge and ability.

What is assessed through TExES?

The test determines your knowledge level in imparting the knowledge of English to students for whom English is not the native language. Most of the questions in the test are about the teaching methodology that you would follow under different situations and the advantages of the different methodologies. Also, questions related to identifying the different causes for a student’s difficulty in understanding the language are also administered.


The first step in any kind of preparation is to learn about the details and TExES is no different in that regard. It is therefore advised that you understand and learn about the format of the test to achieve high scores in it. With a complete knowledge about the format of the test and an in-depth preparation, you can definitely ace the test and become a certified ESL teacher in Texas.