TEAS Testing Sites in California

Where Can You Take the TEAS in California?

The Test of Essential Academic skills (TEAS) is a multiple-choice test, aimed at evaluating the academic skills of prospective nursing students. All the test takers are required to register with the ATI website before taking the test. On registration, each candidate will get a unique username and password which must be provided at the time of the test. However, the ATI registration alone is not sufficient to take the test.

There is a separate registration required, in order to take the test. During the registration process, a student can choose his/her preferred test location, date and timings for the test from the available options. If you live in California or planning to take the test in California, this article will be helpful to you. You shall get a general idea of the test centers in California and the registration procedures followed at these centers.

What Should You know about the CA Test Centers Before Test Registration?

As ATI conducts this test across the country, the question format, pattern, syllabus, scoring etc. will remain the same, no matter in which testing centre you take the test. However, in order to choose a test location in California, check if you have these details in hand, before registering for the test:

  • Which version of the test do you want to take?
  • Which format are you comfortable with - the paper and pencil or the computerized format?
  • In which college/institution do you wish to pursue your nursing degree program?
  • Is that particular college/institution one of the test centers as well?
  • Is the testing centre compatible with your desired test version and format?
  • What should you do to report the test scores to your college/institution?

Once you are prepared with the required details, you can proceed with the test registration. It can either be done through the ATI website or directly through the individual test centers. In the latter case, the test site will help you in scheduling the test.

How Can the ATI Website Help You in Registering with a CA Test Centre?

The details about the various testing centers available through the ATI website (www.atitesting.com) are:

  • The available date, timings and test centers in the following CA cities: Los Angeles, Marysville, Napa, Oakland, Orange, Roseville, Sacramento, Salinas, Turlock and Ukiah.

  • The location and full addresses of the testing sites. For example; M.L. King Hall, California State University, 5151, State University Drive, Los Angeles, California, 90032.

  • The version and format of the test that the test centre provides. For example; TEAS version V test, computerized test format.

  • The requirements that the student needs to carry on the test day like valid photo ID, ATI ID etc.

  • Important instructions to be followed before and during the test.

  • Whether a student needs to purchase a TEAS transcript or not, in order to send the test results to the institution where they are planning to apply.

However, the limitation while registering for the test through the ATI website is that only a few selected centers are specified in the website. For this reason, the ATI TEAS FAQ page suggests the students, to take the test at the college/institution, where they plan to apply for the nursing program.

How Do You Go about Registering Directly with a CA TEAS Test Centre?

Do not get alarmed if you are not able to find your school of choice listed as one of testing centers in the ATI website. In such a case, you must conduct an online search for your school of nursing, get the telephone number of your school and contact them directly for a test appointment. Most of the testing sites in California do the scheduling of your test over the phone, in which case you can make the payment on the day of the test.

You must remember to read the instructions given by your test centre carefully. It is good to make a check-list of all the materials you are required to carry on the day of the test. Also, note that some test centers ask the students to enter the exam hall, 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the test, though it is 15 minutes at most places. Hence, you must keep the time factor in mind, in order to be on time for the test.