About TEAS Test

TEAS stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills. The test is conducted by ATI, Assessment Technologies Institute. ATI is an organization that works in partnership with nursing schools in 50 states of US to assist in nursing education and profession. Besides TEAS, ATI provides assessment tools for preparation of NCLEX.
More than 220,000 nursing students benefit from ATI’s evaluation tools for NCLEX preparation. It provides evaluation, remediation and learning products that are supported with customer services that help in regular and dependable delivery of its products.  
It is conducted as an entrance exam for admission into nursing schools across USA. The exam is the stepping stone towards a career in nursing. Your entry level abilities to become a nurse are checked in this exam.
When nursing schools have to admit students they have to keep in mind their academic abilities. Some basic level of competence is required to gain entry into a nursing course. Those who show a weak aptitude in academics cannot hope to successfully complete their nursing school education. This is the reason why nursing schools estimate the aptitude of incoming students through TEAS.
TEAS judges students for their Reading, Math, Science, and English and Language Usage skills. Besides, ATI helps you in preparation through its preparation tools.

Registration, Test Centers, Cost
TEAS can be taken at a number of test centers across USA. The list of the testing sites is given on the website www.atitesting.com. You can select the state and the city where you intend to take the test. A list of colleges offering this test in that city, along with the testing dates and timings of administration shall appear. You can then choose the date, time and location of your preference and register to take the test. The testing centers place some constraints on candidates which you should check before you register. The cost of testing is also mentioned according to the testing centers. The testing session lasts for four hours.
You must register for the exam keeping in mind the time required for the results to reach the schools you are applying to. There could be specific deadlines declared by the schools; check with them before you register. The retesting conditions are also decided by the colleges you apply to and you should weigh your retest options also before you register. Early registration is recommended as test centers tend to get booked quickly.

Test Format and Sections
TEAS is offered in both, computerized format and paper and pencil version. There are four sections in the exam. The questions are of multiple-choice type. There are in all 170 scored items administered in the four sections. The sections in the exam are:

  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English and Language Usage

The Reading section contains questions based on comprehension of paragraphs and passages, deductions and conclusions. It has 40 items to be completed in 50 minutes.
The Mathematics section contains questions based on knowledge of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, metric conversions, percentages, ratio and proportion, data interpretation and algebraic application. There are 45 testing items in this section to be completed in 56 minutes.
The Science section is based on life science, physical science, chemical science, human body science, general science and scientific reasoning. The 30 items in this section are to be completed in 38 minutes.
The English and Language Usage section has questions that judge your abilities in punctuation, grammar, contextual words, spellings and sentence structure. There are 55 items in this section and you are given 65 minutes to complete them.

There is no passing score defined for TEAS. You either meet the minimum score limit set by your college or you fail to fulfill the criteria. However, you do not fail in this exam.
Each test section is given a composite score. Subscores are also given for specific content categories. Your composite, reading and math scores are the most important among all the scores reported.
Your score report can be sent to any nursing school you are applying to. Nursing schools use these scores along with other admission criteria for granting admission. TEAS is not the exclusive criteria that colleges use. They give importance to your academic achievement shown by your GPA as well.
The computer administered version is scored immediately. You might not be able to view your score if the school does not allow it. The paper based test is scored within 24 hours of ATI’s receiving your testing material.
The nursing school you apply to shall decide the validity period of your scores. Where some colleges hold scores valid for four years, others would want a score earned within a year prior to application.
Similarly, retesting criteria also depend on nursing schools. Some schools allow retesting a number of times whereas others do not allow retesting at all.

For any examination that you ever take, preparation is a must. Preparation does not just mean learning and practicing for the test content, it entails gaining information about the exam, registering for it, undergoing a schedule of training and preparing for the exam conditions as well. Preparation for TEAS is a long drawn process and dividing it into stages shall help you accomplish each portion of it systematically.

Stage 1: In this stage, you shall gather complete information about TEAS. Go through the website www.atitesting.com and read about TEAS from the official source. Contact the colleges that you wish to join, ask them their admission criteria and weigh your options.

Stage 2: Understand the test format, content and syllabus. You shall have to spend some money on obtaining this information from some reliable source. The test breakup is not given on the official website and you might have to purchase TEAS Study Manual for obtaining information about it. The colleges you apply to can also be helpful in giving you details of the required test preparation materials.

Stage 3: Procure the test preparation materials and prepare a study plan. Keep in mind all your options and see what shall suit you best for preparation. Quality preparation materials and a rational preparation plan shall be instrumental for success in this test.

Stage 4: Carry out your preparation plan with dedication. Put in hard work and use self-assessment tools for gauging your success. Collaborate with other applicants and take their assistance. Give high priority to preparation and keep other engagements pending if need be.

Stage 5: Once you have reviewed the test syllabus and practiced enough, concentrate on the test day. Arrange for commuting to the test center and lodging if required. Get acquainted with the rules and regulations at the test center in advance. Keep your spirits high and gear up for the testing experience.

TEAS is the initial step you take towards a promising career as a nurse. Concentrating on this initial step shall help you obtain entry into this professional field. Besides, the test shall act as self-assessment of your capabilities. You shall understand whether you are actually capable of becoming a competent nurse or there is some other professional line that suits you better. Do not fear the exam, but take it as a true judgment of your capabilities and you shall definitely achieve the success you deserve.