TEAS Test Results

What is Declared in TEAS Results?

The TEAS is an aptitude test formulated to assay the fundamental abilities of a student and positions as a crucial factor during the course of study and nursing as a profession. It takes you through 170 multiple-choice questions with four options, each divided into four sections covering the subjects Math, Science, Reading and English & language Usage skills. Duration of the test is 209 minutes and it can be given in computer-based and paper & pencil-based formats.

The test results are available online within 48 hours of the exam. As an aspiring candidate and with a vision to enter into the top-notch nursing schools across USA, one must score in this test really well. However, if you have the determination and are willing to put in extra efforts for the preparations, then there shall be no looking back.

What Makes These Scores Important?

The TEAS evaluates the accurate preparedness of a student for nursing study and profession in accordance to the criteria specified by the nursing schools. It plays a decision-making tool for the nursing schools and therefore, it becomes a mandate for every student to score well. Evaluation and the scores you attain are the corollary of your efforts put in during the preparations.

Nevertheless, understanding the scoring system will always be of great use for your study, thereby, giving you an opportunity to reach out to the best nursing schools for your pre-nursing education. The TEAS forms the stepping-stone to the foundation of your nursing career.

Test Results and Scoring System

An exceptional score in this test will add a lot of value to your nursing application. A good performance in this exam justifies your potential abilities to become a successful nurse.

Another important aspect of the test is that there is no passing or failing in TEAS and thereby there is no pre-determined pass score administered by ATI. Every nursing school has their own set of requirements and a minimum score point. Remember to have a check on the schools you wish to apply, for their individual cut-off scores.

Scorecard Report

The TEAS gives a detailed picture of your performance. The following scores are mentioned in the scorecard:

  1. Adjusted individual score
  2. National Mean
  3. Program Mean
  4. Percentile rank - National
  5. Percentile rank - Program

The scorecard also show a composite score and individual scores as mentioned above in each section of Math, Science, Reading, English & Language usage skills.

The best part of the scorecard is that it is extremely informative and descriptive with complete details pertaining to the performance of the candidate. This not only helps the nursing schools to understand the student's strengths and weaknesses in a particular subject but also gives the student an opportunity to exhibit his/her plus points.

The Concept of Good Test Results

The permissible acceptance of TEAS score varies from one nursing school to the other. Every school has their own set of criteria based on which the admissions are taken. Therefore, you need to be sure of this criteria whilst your preparations. This will ideally form the base of your scorecard. However, the thumb rule of giving equal importance to every section of the test implies to attain a good composite score.

Sending & Receiving your Scorecard

ATI facilitates the sending of a student's scorecard to the nursing schools electronically. Students can also take the opportunity of requesting ATI to send the scorecard to additional nursing schools other than the ones selected at the time of registering with ATI for an additional fee.

TEAS can be given in computer-based and paper & pencil based formats; however, the computer-based test scores are evaluated and received faster than the paper & pencil-based test scores. The computer-based test results can be viewed instantly upon completion of the test depending on the schools where you have been tested. On the other hand, the paper and pencil-based test results are received one day after ATI receives the test papers from the designated test centres.

The official test website www.atitesting.com displays the test results. Students also have an opportunity to request ATI for a duplicate scorecard if need be, by paying an additional fee.

To sum it all, we recommend you to follow the official test website regularly to keep yourself updated. Please remember that utmost dedication, thorough subject knowledge and meticulous efforts that you put in will only help you attain good score.