7 Invaluable Tips for TEAS

TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is a proctored multiple-choice based test, administered by Assessment Technologies Limited, ATI. It is a basic aptitude test that measures the skills of applicants in four main areas: Reading, Math, Science and Language usage. It is a prerequisite for admission into a nursing course or program. The registration for it is done at the official website: www.atistesting.com. The test can be retaken only once in a period of 365 days. The time for results depends on the type of test you have taken: computer-based or paper-pencil based.

TEAS Preparation Sources

To get some help or the test preparation, you can follow the sources mentioned below:

  1. ATI TEAS V Study Guide (from: www.atitesting.com) at 42$ price: This guide contains the exact format and content description regarding the exam. It contains practice questions and practice tests too. It is a good investment since it is specific to this exam.

  2. ATI TEAS V Online Practice Assessment:
    1. This is a set of 150 questions and answer rationales similar to actual test questions. The options are divided further into Form A and Form B.
    2. This assessment can be taken two times. The price is 35$.
  3. Free Online Practice:
    1. Many websites, not affiliated with either TEAS or ATI, offer online assessments. These may be paid or free of cost.
    2. These are budget-friendly options that are ideal for those wanting to take an assessment prior to the actual test.
  4. Flashcards:
    1. Flashcards can be prepared for each of the four areas and are an effective study tool for attaining good scores in the test. They help to memorize quick facts and important information.
    2. Free Flashcards are available from many websites.

7 Invaluable Tips for TEAS

  1. Familiarize Yourself with the Content of the Test Thoroughly:

    Whether you are preparing on your own, or are using a manual and/or a guide, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the structure of the test and the types of questions for maximum benefit. It is also very essential to know properly the content of the questions, the syllabus and scope of topics covered. There may be some areas that appear regularly and some areas that are tested very rarely.

  2. Fix Time Slots for Studying According to a Plan:

    Time management is very important. You will have to take out time from your schedule and efficiently use it for preparation. Studying every day at the same time helps as well. At the same time you must remember that time management does not end at giving time, but you should be devoting time to each section of the test separately. Make sure you focus on the test preparation completely whenever you have allotted time to it.

  3. Excessive Practice:

    Practice can make you more than perfect. There is no way for an aspirant to ace the test without practice. However, practice should also be structured. All the aspects of the test should be practiced so that there is no overlap and no point is missed. It is recommended that you learn a concept first and then practice it. Keep testing yourselves with full length tests which will help you to build confidence.

  4. Regular Analysis:

    As practice is the key aspect of the test, structured practice is one of the most important aspects of a test preparation. Whenever you practice, make sure that you are not only checking which questions you got right and wrong but also check why did you get it wrong. This regular analysis of the practice keeps giving you constructive feedback and hence makes it possible for you to achieve your goal easily. You can't reach the top score in only one test, so set yourself some realistic targets and reach your goal in a structured manner through effective study.

  5. Avoiding Common Mistakes :

    Everybody makes mistakes, it is very common, but you should learn from your mistakes. You would be making some common errors which every test taker makes. It is advisable that you do not repeat a single mistake more than two times. Learn from your mistakes and try to avoid them in the test.

  6. Practice Timing:

    There is no fun in getting all the questions right but in more time than allotted. As the test is made to check your response under pressure of time, so you should be aware of the clock ticking all the time. Whenever you start the test, make sure that you have a strategy of going through the test. Hit your targets at the right time and if in any case you take more time in the first part of the test, make yourself ready to steal time out of next sections of the test.

  7. Target your Weak Areas Aggressively:

    Don't leave your weak areas weak; try to make them your strengths.If you tackle the questions from your weak areas with confidence, you can definitely convert them into your strong areas. The first step is always identifying the weak areas. The next step is to work hard and try to overcome it. You can always seek the help of a professional or your friend who can make you understand the concepts in a better and a simpler way. Always remember, there is always a better way to do a thing!

No matter how repetitive these 7 tips may seem, they really work at all levels and provide excellent results. They help you to get organized and disciplined while preparing for the test, so that, you don't have to panic when the test date is near. Follow these simple rules and abide by them. Your dream of a nursing program won't be too far!