How Much is the TEAS For?

Costs Involved in Taking the TEAS

Are you wondering about the costs/fees incurred in taking the TEAS? The TEAS V test is the latest version of the TEAS test. The fee norms for both exams are the same. It is important for you to find out authentic information about the costs involved from the ATI officials. Some of them are discussed below:

  1. Registration Fee- This is the official registration fee that ATI charges an applicant in order to register for the test. You must visit the official ATI website (, and create an account and register for the test and also find answers to all your registration fee related queries.

    For specific information related to registration fees, you should consult the official website only and not any other, because it is the first authorized source for information. The official website is not only an authentic source for fee-related information, but also the most updated source for information related to revised fees. Websites of some colleges and universities also provide  information. However, the information from other sources needs verification and you can cross-check the details from the official website. If you do not find the required information on the official website directly, you should correspond with ATI’s  fee-related staff to confirm the information given on the websites of colleges and universities.

    Similarly, information about registration fee from study centers needs high authentication, as it may include some hidden costs, which are not actually a part of the official TEAS registration fees. It is also to be borne in mind that study centers should not charge any registration fees. The registration fee is paid only at the official ATI website, while registering for the test and not anywhere else.

    Thus, the registration fee is estimated to be around $50. You should confirm this amount from the official website.

    The registration fee is non-refundable, which means if you fail to appear for the test, the money that you paid while registering will not be refunded to you. You will have to pay the exam fee afresh when you want to appear for it next.

  2. Score Deployment Fee- After taking the test, you will get to see your score immediately. You may want this score to be sent to the nursing colleges, in which you want to pursue courses. In such a case, ATI will charge an additional fee to transfer your transcript to the college of your choice. The fee for transferring your transcript is estimated to be around $20. You have to verify this when you register for the exam as the numbers may change. However, there is no charge for issuing your score cards to the test center, where you appeared for the test. If any test site charges you for the same, you can get that verified by the official authorities.

  3. Test Center Fee- This is another fee that you need to consider. It is the test center fee, which you may have to pay to the test center, where you take the test. However, it is not mandatory that all test centers will charge you fees for their services. Some colleges charge a fee for conducting the test, while others do not. Hence, if it is an authorised test center, you should get this fee norm verified by the authorities.

Apart from the different types of fees mentioned above, you may have to pay exam re-registration fees and score re-evaluation fee to ATI, if you are registering for the test again after your first attempt or want your paper to be re-evaluated.


Fees are an important aspect of testing and must be thought over carefully before you plan to appear for the test. The total cost for appearing the TEAS is approximately $50- $80. You need to correspond directly with the authorities regarding any fee matter. Also make sure that you are not duped by examination preparatory classes or test centers, which ask you to pay more money than you should.