TEAS Study Guides As per Your Needs

Which is the Most Suitable TEAS Study Guide?

TEAS is the pre-admission test which many nursing schools choose as a requisite in their admission process towards nursing programs. It stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills and tests the basic knowledge of test takers in Science, English Usage, Reading and Math. It tests a student's response to problems under time pressure because that is what nurses are supposed to do: cope under pressure. Since there is so much at stake, students do not want to leave the burden of all the preparation on themselves; they need help of professionals and books. Any aspirant needs resources to ace the test. Without proper study material, an aspirant cannot hope to achieve a good score in the test or require the most suitable study material;. So here is some detailed information on the best study-guides available in the market today:

  1. TEAS 5 Study Package (By ATI)

    This material is available on the official website of TEAS-ATI: www.atitesting.com. It is the official resource and is thus closest to the actual test structure and question types. The price of this package is 92 $. It is an excellent book. It contains:

    1. The Study Manual: It carries detailed information on the structure and description of the test. It also contains the break-up of all the four sections along with the question types. In other words, there is no other guide that can provide you with better and more accurate information on the pattern and the level of exam that you should expect.
    2. Online Practice Assessments: These are two online practice assessments (Form A and Form B) that are a part of the study package. Each assessment contains 150 questions patterned on the basis of the actual exam. You can retake each assessment once. Each question has an answer, and the rationale and explanation for that too.

  2. Kaplan Nursing Schools Entrance Exams: Your Complete Guide to Getting Into Nursing School (By Kaplan)

    This book is available in both new and old editions. The new edition costs about 55$ while the old and used edition costs up to 35$. It contains the following features:

    1. It has 2 complete full-length practice tests along with detailed explanations.
    2. It contains a Diagnostic Test which is to be given at the start of your preparation. The answers and explanations are provided for this too.
    3. Test strategies from Kaplan are given along with practice for Reading, Math, Science and English usage.
    4. Information on registration and application process is also mentioned.

    The only drawback in this book is that it caters to a number of nursing exams and is not specific to the TEAS. Additionally, it contains some extra practice for topics that are not part of the test. This happens because it is not specifically for one particular exam and hence, not the most suitable prep book.

  3. McGraw Hills's Nursing Schools Entrance Exams (By McGraw Hill)

    The List Price for this book is 24$. It is useful for TEAS and other exams such as NET, NLN-PAX and PSB-RN. All essential skill-building techniques are given in this book along with enough practice on each section. It also contains eight practice tests together with answers and detailed explanations for each item. Additionally, you can also purchase McGraw Hill's 5 TEAS Practice Tests which is available for 25$ in the market. All the questions in these books are completely accurate. However, it is still not an appropriate study material.

  4. Secrets of the TEAS Exam: Study Guide and TEAS Test Review for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (By Momometrix Media LLC)

    This study guide is fine but it has many errors and also uses some questions from the ATI Official Resource. Also, the number of examples in the book is very small. It can be considered a good option if you want to study the basic concepts for TEAS as it contains elaborate explanations for those.

In the end, the ideal decision would be to use a combination of two or more of these books. The official resource is true to the requirements of the test and is thus the most reliable. It contains specific information. However, the practice material offered is limited. There can be felt a need for another book such as that from Kaplan or from McGraw Hill for doing extra practice drills. However, these books tend to give too much extra information on some topics and too less on the other important areas. Thus, one must use these guides wisely and appropriately to get both content knowledge as well as apt practice.