Use of the TEAS in Institutions of Study

How Do Institutions Use The Test of Essential Academic Skills?

If you have decided to become a nurse, you’ve decided to enter a field which is not only extremely interesting but is also evolving at the same time. In this profession, human lives are at stake; therefore the schools demand candidates who can exhibit certain skills. They must be problem solvers, independent yet rational thinkers who can effectively utilize their skills to the maximum potential. Since nursing isn’t for everyone, how does the school or you yourself decide that you are the potentially right candidate for this field?

To help schools and candidates decide, certain specialized institutes come in the picture. These institutes have eminent professionals who design specific tests that set a standard on which institutions/schools rely. For example: The GRE for graduate programs, The GMAT for Management programs or The SAT for college programs in the US. Similarly, TEAS is a standardized exam for nursing programs.

What is TEAS?

The- "Test of Essential Academic Skills" is an aptitude test designed by a company called ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute), based in Kansas, USA. This company has designed this test to gauge the basic aptitude of candidates who apply for courses related to the field of nursing.

The Test Structure:

The test structure is in the multiple choice questions format. It is a 170-questions test which is divided in various sections and lasts for about 4 hours. The test is available in the paper and pencil format and the computer-based format. The test sections are:

Reading Section:

In this section, you would have to answer 40 questions within 50 minutes. The reading section is designed to map the basic reasoning skills of a candidate. Comprehension passages and paragraphs are given where in logical reasoning has to be used to draw a conclusion or inference according to the questions posed.

Math Section:

This section involves 45 questions that have to be answered in 56 minutes. The problems involve metric conversions, fractions, algebra, percentiles, ratio and proportion, decimals etc. In this section, the candidate is tested for problem solving skills. Problems are given such that those would require mental calculations to be done accurately, since calculators are not allowed to be used in this test.

Science Section:

In the Science section, the candidate has to answer 30 questions within 38 minutes. Questions based on concepts and facts based on biology, chemistry and physics would be given to assess the candidate’s knowledge of human anatomy, chemical and physical concepts and principles.

English and Language Usage Section:

This section has 55 questions which have to be answered in 65 minutes. It involves basic grammar, sentence construction and lingual concepts. The knowledge of Basic English is mandatory for this entrance test.

How does it work with schools?

This test has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of various nursing schools. Based on your performance in the test you would obtain a detailed score report. This report has to be sent to your desired schools. This can be done by you or through ATI by paying an additional fee.

It must be known that, every school has their own cut off percentiles/scores for this test. If your score is within the range mentioned by the program, you would be notified about your selection.

Nursing is a competitive field; therefore, you have to be aware and prepared to make it through. Please note; TEAS V is the latest version of the test which is acceptable in schools. If you happen to take an older version, your score report would have the chances of being rejected. The scores of this test are valid for just two years, so you must try to be quick in applying.