Information to Take SSAT in Hawaii

Useful Information for SSAT Test Takers in Hawaii

The Secondary School Admission Test or the SSAT is conducted across various centers in USA and Canada. The test is taken by those school-students who are planning to enter any private or independent school in USA. The test is conducted at three levels depending on the grade in which a student is studying. As per the preparation levels, if you are studying in grades 8 to 11, you have to take up the Upper Level test. If you are studying in grades 5 to 7, then you will have to take up the Middle Level SSAT test and in case you are studying in grades 3 or 4, you will have to take up the Elementary Level test. As mentioned above, there are many testing locations for the test. However, this article specifically deals in the testing locations located in the state of Hawaii. So read this article to get all information you need on test prep options and the test centers for taking up this test in Hawaii.

Test Centers in Hawaii

As in other states of USA, the state of Hawaii too has multiple testing locations where you can take this test. To know more about the testing locations, you may visit the link The test centers in the state of Hawaii are:

  • 6 testing locations in the capital Honolulu
  • 1 testing location in Kamuela
  • 1 testing location in Kualapuu
  • 1 testing location in Lihue
  • 1 testing location in Wahiawa

Thus, in all there are a total of 10 test-centers from which you can choose the test-center of your choice. You can visit the link mentioned above and know the details of each center by clicking on the name of the concerned center. By clicking on the respective links of the test centers, you will be able to see the address details of the test-center along with the driving directions to the test-center.

Test Prep Options Available in Hawaii

There are a number of tutoring options available in the state of Hawaii if you want to prepare for the SSAT. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • The Official Prep Programs
    • The official website of this tutoring organization is
    • The Summer Program: The Summer Program is going to run from June 10th to July 19th. It is a 6-week program that will contain one 3-hour session for the Middle Level test (Code C1) and separate 3-hour sessions for the Upper Level test (Code C2). All sections of the test will be covered in these sessions, which will be held on weekdays i.e. Monday to Friday.
    • The Winter Program: This program is targeted at students who will take up the test in January 2014. The course will include sessions by experts, review of all basic skills, techniques and strategies and a mock test.
    • There are three Hawaii locations for these programs: Punahou, Iolani and Mid-Pacific Institute.

  • Dr. Takahashi Juku - Tutor for SSAT in Hawaii
    • The official website of this tutor is The test prep location for this tutor is South King Street, Honolulu. The contact number is (808) 949 3366.
    • The admission process, starts with an evaluation process which takes 30 to 45 minutes. After the needs of the students are highlighted, the next process is the Interview process, wherein the student and his parents are interviewed regarding the ideal prep program. The last step is the selection process where the tutors are selected for the student's test-prep.
    • Prices: The price for 1-on-1 tutoring is 76.40$ an hour. 1-on-2 tutoring will cost you 50.93$ and there is an additional tax of 4.712$ levied on the cost.

  • Math Teacher Prep

Hence, it can be concluded that there is no dearth of tutoring options in the state of Hawaii. You just need to search for a tutor that is near your area and then you can also choose the nearest test center. You must also remember that short-listing of test-centers and tutoring options must happen in advance, other-wise at the end there are very few seats left.