Where to Take SAT Test

The Ideal Place for Taking the SAT

What Is the Ideal Place for Taking the SAT?

The College Board administers SAT in about every places in US and every county around the world. The SAT is a popularly accepted admission test for higher courses in the colleges. It is administered seven times in a year in the US and about six times in international locations. The SAT test centers are strewn evenly in every destination around the world. So if you like to know about where to take the SAT test, you have to go through some easy steps. The College Board website offers you options to find out the best place to take the SAT, i.e., it shows you the information about the test centers available near your home so you face no difficulty to locate the testing centers.

How Would You Find the Testing Center for SAT?

The SAT is a standardized test in the US and other international locations, where it is considered as a useful indicator of the college-readiness of the test taker. Now in order to find out the ideal place to take SAT, you must find out the test dates on which you desire to sit for the test and you can find the authentic and authorized test date in the College Board website. You have to check the webpage for SAT test dates and deadlines to choose your test date and then proceed to finding the location of the test center, which will be perfect for your convenience. Following are the steps by which you will get the information of where to test.  

  • Step 1:

In the first stage, you need to go to the Student’s Code Search webpage. The Student’s Code Search webpage helps you in knowing where to take SAT. This website contains the codes for the test centers along with the codes for colleges, etc. once you have reached this website, scroll down to find a search bar for codes. The criteria of search specified in this box would be set to ‘countries’. You have to change this search criterion into ‘by test center’.  Your search to find the place to test starts from this drop-down box.

  • Step 2:

In the next step, you have to start filling out the drop down boxes, which appears after Step 1.

  • The first drop-down box will be that of selecting the test date. The default date of the upcoming SAT test will already be there. You have to choose the date on which you wish to take the test by clicking this drop down box.
  • The second drop-down box lets you choose the name of the country you belong to,
  • The third drop down box lets you choose the name of the state to which you belong. Applicants who belong to countries having a federal state structure just like the U.S. can select the corresponding state to which he belongs. However, for those applicants who belong to countries having a unitary state structure, this drop-down box remains inoperative.
  • The forth and the last drop down box contains the name of the city to which the applicant belongs. This drop-down box is optional for filling out as it only makes the search narrower and precise. The information provided initially is enough to find out the most advantageous place to take the SAT.
  • Step 3:

This is the last and the final step to find where to take the SAT. After filling up all the relevant fields in the Student’s Code Search webpage, you need to hit the ‘search’ button to find out the list of test centers available near you. The webpage automatically navigates downwards to the portion, which displays the available test center on the specified test date. The test center/centers listed after the search contains a test center code. This code is useful while filling up the form for SAT.
If you follow the above-mentioned simple three steps, you can find out the test center where you can sit for the SAT and the test center code too. This is the best way to find out the finest place to take the SAT and to find more about the test center, like address, routes or landmark of the test center, you can make a research about it and find out.

What Are Some Accommodations Provided at the Test Center?

The College Board also has provisions for special circumstances. It may be the case that the test-taker in US or in other international locations (except India and Pakistan) lives more than 75 miles away from the test center. In such cases, only through a paper registration, the SAT Program may consider the possibility of opening a test center nearer the test-taker’s location. Such special centers can be administered by International testers only.
For test-takers below the age of thirteen, online registration is not applicable. They have to register through a paper form. No permanent report card will be processed for test-takers who are below the ninth grade, unless requested by the test-taker to preserve the score.
Those test-takers, who are above 21 years of age, will be considered as adult test-takers, and they shall not be entitled to provisions like making test day changes, swapping to Subject Test or test at a different center.
A student who has a documented disability may choose to enjoy special accommodation from the SAT® and in order to access such facilities the test-taker must receive the College Board approval. There will be specialized types of accommodations for the students with disability.