SAT Testing Sites

What Procedures are Followed at SAT Testing Sites

The SAT is a common exam taken by a lot of students before making applications to colleges for further studies. It involves weeks of preparation and hard work on the part of students and the actual test day can be strenuous. It is because of this that such testing centers have a code of conduct and regulatory guidelines for such tests. Testing centers of SAT have their own policies at testing centers and students are informed about the same and asked to comply with them.

Compliance With Time

The admission ticket directs the test taker about the time of the test. The test usually begins between 8.30 am and 9.30 am. Test takers are advised to be present at the testing center by 7.45am. The doors to the test center will be shut at 8.15 am and late comers are not admitted. This means that you will miss out on your test if you reach test sites later than the time allotted. You also receive three 5-minute breaks. You may choose to eat or drink during these breaks.

In the Test center

A form of identification is the most important thing on the day of the test. This identification will be checked each time you enter the testing center. You should keep your identification card handy at all times during the test. The testing center also allots seats to candidates itself, which results in you being seated where you are asked to sit and not where you prefer. You should wait for someone to direct you to your allotted seat. The supervisor at the testing center will provide you with an answer sheet first. You will then be instructed about how you should fill in the personal details required and test information. You are then given the test book. Each test book has a serial number. The instructor hands out one test book to each student and records the serial number and who it is allotted to while distributing the test books. No one is to leave the test without prior permission from the instructor. You are not allowed to take your test book, answer sheets or calculators outside the test location during your breaks.

During the Test

The test books distributed to the test takers have different orders with regards to sections. This means that it is not necessary that your test book will follow the order of Critical Reading, Math and Writing. It may appear to you in any order. As a result a fellow test taker may have Writing as his first section while you may have Math. A specific amount of time is allotted for each section. You have to complete the test book in the same order as the sections appear to you and you cannot switch between the sections. You are given a certain time for each section and once the time allotted for one particular section has run out, you are to complete the next section of the test book. The instructor will tell you when to start and stop writing for each section of the test. Instructions about the test will be read to test takers and the instructor will be able to clarify doubts about the test procedures but not about the content.

Suggestions and Checklist

You are not required to carry too much to the testing sites. You are advised to carry an identification card, admission ticket, two No.2 pencils and an eraser and a calculator. You should read about the forms of acceptable calculators or instructions about what to carry to the test centers on the official website are also allowed to carry a bag pack, wristwatch, an extra set of batteries for the calculator and food and drink for the breaks. You are however not allowed to carry a cell phone, scratch paper, note or text books, iPods, highlighters or cameras into the testing center.You should abide by the rules and regulations of the testing sites in order to avoid any inconvenience and disruption on the day of your test.