The Date On Which SAT Results Are Declared

How Does the SAT Test Result Date Matter

SAT is one of the most widely recognized examinations in the world for college admissions. Almost all the colleges in the US base their admissions on SAT scores. It essentially tests aspirants in areas of math, reading and writing abilities. These are considered to be basics, common to all students irrespective of their backgrounds. Each year students eagerly await for the results date, to know how they have performed. This is the first important step in the admission procedure. There are several aspects related to the test results date like sending your scores, score choice, evaluation etc. Each of these will be discussed in detail here.

What Happens After the Exam?

Generally, the results date will be after about 20 days of the test. This is what happens during these 20 days-

  • Your answer sheet along with all other forms will be delivered to College Board’s processing center. Here your answer sheet is scanned and scored. A raw score is calculated based on your correct/wrong responses on the scale of 20-80.
  • Your essay is scored by two independent readers and in case they differ by more than one point it is again scored by a third reader.
  • These scores are scaled to the final scale of 200-800 by a statistical process which ensures that your scores are not affected by environmental changes, difficulty levels or other test takers.

Release of Scores

Finally, on the results date, the scores are released online on a secure platform called “My Organizer”. This is a password-protected area on the College Board site. You can access this area once you are a registered test taker. Also note that all scores may not be available on the results date, due to some delays a few scores maybe missing. So, if your score isn’t available then you need to check again later. During the first week after the results date, your personal My Organizer page will alert you about your scores. It will also provide you with a shortcut to view your scores once you login.

What Next?

After a few days of the test results date, your full scorecard will be posted to your My SAT area. This will include a complete breakdown of your scores, including sectional marks and your performance relative to that of your competitors. Your essay will also be available online. After this, your scores will be sent to your high school and all the colleges that you registered as recipients of your score during the registration process. Apart from these, additional reports of your scores can be sent to colleges with an additional fee. These may include sending your scores to more colleges, for scholarships or any other recipients. Remember that only the reports sent from College Board are considered to be authentic and valid. If you send photocopies or printouts they will not be considered by any college/university or scholarship program.

Score Verification

If you are interested in double checking your score after the results released, you have the option of verification. This called the “Question-and-Answer Service” (QAS). This service is not available during all the tests in which case, you have to opt for another variation of this service called “Student Answer Service”. You can avail any one of these for a given test. This service includes a booklet with the correct answers to all questions and additional details on scoring the test. It also contains the questions with level of difficulty and your reports. These services maybe ordered during the registration or within five months of the results date. The Board may take around eight weeks for the delivery of these booklets. Also note that these are not applicable to the SAT subject tests and the payment is non-refundable unless you were absent for the test.

Score Choice

“Score Choice” is an option given to students by College Board while registering to select the score they want to send to the universities. If you don’t use this option, all your scores will be sent to the universities, which isn’t such a bad thing because the admission councils will consider your best scores. You can choose four recipients for free, but after this you will have to pay some fee per recipient. Under this you can also avail the “Student Search Service”. This will enable colleges/universities to find your scores, location, grades etc. and hence they can contact you regarding their prospects, scholarships or offerings. Your details are not given out to universities unless they ask for them. It is quite evident from this analysis that it takes a certain amount of planning and preparation before you take SAT. So having all the latest information on the dates, patterns, colleges etc. is very important. The main thing you have to do is register yourself at:; this is the store house of all the information you need.