SAT Test Registration Form

SAT Test Registration Form Explained!

You can register for the SAT test online or through mail. It may not always be a matter of your choice alone to decide on the method of registration. If you are part of the SAT Initiative Program, you may have to go through the process of paper registration. Also, if you are an international student, you may not have the option of registering for the SAT online depending on the country of your residence. Registering online is much easier compared to filling out the registration form by hand. Also, undoing errors are a lot quicker than editing on paper. However, a significant percentage of students in the US and outside the US often opt to register via mail.

  • The Online Registration Form:

    Registering online is easy and quick and gets done before you know it. All you need to do is go to the official College Board website ( ) and create an account. You can register online through the following link:

  • The only limitation when registering online is the mode of payment for the SAT test fees. Only credit cards are accepted and therefore, it is mandatory for you to be in possession of one. If you don’t have a credit card, you have to register by mail.

  • The Paper Registration Form:

    The SAT registration form is long and complicated. You have to take help and reference the SAT paper registration guide document in order to fill it.

  • When filling out the registration form, it is advisable that you read the guide before proceeding. Some of the points that you must remember are as follows:

    • Filling Rules:
      • Use only pens with blue or black ink. Pencils are not allowed.
      • You may use correction fluid sparingly. Therefore, try not to make mistakes while filling the form.
      • You have to use only capital letters and start from the leftmost box or ovals leaving one box empty to show spaces in names, address wherever applicable.
      • Fill in the ovals fully by coloring them completely.
      • Avoid any kind of stray marks as they may be wrongly interpreted as data by the computer processing your information.
    • Test Centers:
      • Before filling in the two choices for the test center, you must make a note of the test center codes of the test centers as chosen by you.
      • As you will only be entering a code and not the details, be careful not to make a mistake here. A small mistake can send you hundreds of kilometers away.
    • SAT Questionnaire:
      • The SAT questionnaire on the registration form should not be left blank. The answers that you write here are not shared with any colleges or institutions but help College Board to know more about you. If a question does not apply to you, try to answer it as best as you can or leave it blank.
    • List of Colleges:
      • Before you set out to fill the registration form, have the list of colleges that you want your scores to be sent to, ready by your side. You can send your scores without any extra charge to four different colleges or universities of your choice.
    • Fees:
      • The fees of the SAT may vary from student to student depending on the tests to be taken, citizenship, etc. It is important that you fill in this part of the form with utmost care as there is no room for errors here.
      • If you calculate less, your registration will not be processed further.
      • If you overshoot the amount, a certain administrative charge will be deducted for returning you the extra amount.
    • Revise Twice:
      • Revise your filled registration form at least twice to rule out the possibilities of any errors that you may have committed.

Unlike online registration, you will not receive the confirmation of your registration immediately. It is advisable that you send in your form early for best results.