Choosing Suitable SAT Test Dates And Locations

SAT Test Dates that are Ideal for you

SAT is a standard test recognized globally for college admissions. Almost all the colleges in the United States recommend this scores for admissions. The test consists of 3 sections namely critical reading, math and writing. These subjects are considered to be common to all students irrespective of their backgrounds. Apart from this, there are subject tests which are domain specific and offered in areas of literature, language, history, science and math.

It is conducted several times in a year by College Board. Subject tests are not conducted on all the SAT test dates and locations. Different subjects are conducted on different dates and locations according to the discretion of College Board.

How to Select Dates

The selection of dates is very important and it should be done very carefully. There are a lot of steps involved during the registration process and planning is essential. Also note, that it is not necessary to take examination and the subjects tests on the same date but it is advisable to take both together. Here are a few things you need to consider before deciding.

  • Keep the application deadlines in mind. Regularly visit the websites of colleges that you want to apply to. Students generally take exam during their junior year as well as senior year.

  • Be aware of your own preparation. If you feel that you are not ready to take it then visit the College Board site the link to which is as follows: and attempt some sample questions. The site will also give you many tools and resources for preparation.

  • The payments that you make towards registration and other features are not refundable. So be completely sure about it.

  • If you want to attempt the subject tests on the same day as SAT, make sure that the subject test of your interest is administered on that particular date. Also remember that the subject tests require a little more preparation than SAT does therefore make sure you are well prepared before you decide the dates and locations for examination.

  • Each date has a registration deadline based on the US standard time. Keep this deadline in mind and be sure to register in time. However, if you miss the deadline there is a provision for late enrollment with an additional payment of $26. You can avail this option from the College Board site.

  • Statistics over the years have proved that students tend to do well in subjects related to science and math immediately after the completion of their high school course. However, this is not the case with languages. So decide a date keeping this fact in mind.

Selection of Locations

The selection of location is also an important aspect of planning before taking assessment. College Board conducts it at several centers around the world. It is conducted about 6-7 times a year although this is variable. The process of selecting a center is quite simple, you just have to pick a state (or country in case of international centers) and a list of all centers in that area will be displayed.

You can avail this option at the College Board site using the “Student Code Search”. This will give you a list if codes for every center. These codes are required because while registering you have to enter them in your first and second center choices. Also note, the centers can be changed up to a certain date with an additional fee. There is a printed “SAT Code List” available which is updated once in a year. You should cross check your center codes online with this list just to be sure. Some of the points that you have to keep in mind before selecting a location are as follows-

  • Select a location that you are familiar with. This is an important requirement because you wouldn’t want to be stranded in an unknown place at the time of the test.

  • If you are taking the subject tests, then you should be aware that all locations don’t conduct all subject tests. For example, there are only a few centers that conduct language tests with listening. You can identify these centers by looking for an ‘L’ in the “SAT Code List” i.e. the centers that have an ‘L’ in front of them conduct listening tests. If you are not aware of this, immediately revise your plan and have another look at your dates and locations based on your subject tests.

  • Make sure that the second option of center on your registration is equally accessible to you. Although you generally get your first choice, it is always better to play safe. Therefore, don’t pick your second center randomly.

This process of deciding the dates and places is an important aspect of planning before actually attempting the test. You should generally start this way before you take the test, so that you will be assured that you don’t have to make last minute adjustments.