SAT Test Dates For Students Taking The Test From Indiana

When Can You Take the SAT in Indiana?

When preparation for college, you need to know when is the best time to take the test. In the entire application process, there is nothing more important than the exam test. The score is vital as it helps to determine the outcome of your application and may turn things in your favor. Before you start preparing for college in Indiana, try to find out about the examination requirements of universities and colleges in the state. With complete knowledge of exam and the assessment dates, Indiana residents and aspirants can benefit a lot.

The SAT Test Dates in Indiana

The examination is conducted seven times in the US including in the state of Indiana. It is conducted in the following months every year:

  • January
  • March
  • May
  • June
  • October
  • November
  • December

The dates for Indiana candidates are the same as those for the rest of US.

When is the best time to take SAT test in Indiana

It is up to you to decide upon the best time to take the examination in Indiana. You may choose a date according to how well you are prepared to take the test. However, according to experts, there are certain months when it is best to take it. If you know the dates, you may be able to plan your preparation accordingly.

  • Most students take the exam in the month of May during their junior year. However, it is not considered to be the best time to take the test due to various reasons:
    • If you want to retake the test, it may not be possible as there is very little time left for the June test.
    • All schools including those of Indiana have a demanding schoolwork during May. At this time you may not be able to prepare well as you will be left with very little time after finishing the schoolwork, term papers etc.
    • There are a lot of other exams such as Advance Placements, IB exams that you may want to take. It may be extremely difficult to accommodate SAT among these.
  • Taking the test in the dates of October and December in the senior years is not recommended due to various reasons:
    • There are a lot more students taking the it during this time and the stiff competition may not help your scores at all.
    • The summer season in Indiana being just over and winter setting in, you may not have been able to prepare as well. The summers are precious and you would want a lot of sun. So studying indoors may have been the least on your list.
  • December is not the best time to take the test either with the holidays and Christmas season right around the corner.
    • You might not want to be mentally prepared to sit and study for the test with distractions such as shopping and celebrations on your mind.
    • More importantly, you will also become very late for college applications as the scores of the test that you take in December are only released around Christmas time. Some of the top universities close taking applications by January.
  • If you are in the junior year, it is recommended that you take it during the month of January or March.
    • For one, the holidays are over, and with a crisp cold winter outside, you would find it more comfortable to stay in and prepare.
    • There are less number of candidates for the tests during these months, hence your scores will be better.
    • Candidates from Indiana can check for the dates and work your plan for college applications accordingly.

Be sure not to take the test too early or without enough preparation no matter how right you may think the time or test date is. It is good to plan in advance but it may not be easy to stick to the plan at all times. Keep space for handling contingencies and be flexible to change your academic plans accordingly. At all times, it is a good plan to mark dates in your calendar so you never forget them.