Information For Students Taking The SAT

How Should A SAT Student Gear Up For The SAT

Now that you have decided to appear for SAT, you might be wondering how to gear up for the test. A good start to preparing for the test should be done while you are in junior school. This is because the concepts you have studied are still fresh in your mind and your problem solving skills are strong. Also, you will have time to take the test again in case you want to improve your scores. By taking the test early, you will also gain a fair idea of what colleges are actually looking for so that you can work towards that direction. A SAT student needs to have the right skills and prep materials to prepare adequately for the test. Some helpful test prep materials are listed below.

SAT Prep Classes

There are many preparation classes to help you prepare for the test. Some of the best classes for a candidate are available online. These are:

  • Kaplan: This site offers one of the best options to prepare for test. As a student of Kaplan, you can be assured that you will receive enough help in preparing. Classes are customized based on your performance. Each session includes practice sessions that may be guided by an expert or done individually by you. The preparation courses begin with an introductory diagnostic test that will assess your level of preparedness. Based on the results, the classes are customized for you. You can also track your progress because reports are maintained wherein you can assess your weak areas and your strong points.This site can be accessed at:

  • Princeton: This site offers you one of the best test prep services. The courses are tailored according to your requirements or aptitude. Princeton has its own set of books you can use to prepare for the test by yourself. It also includes other facilities such as classroom options, private tutorials, online courses and so on. This site can be accessed at:

  • This site includes comprehensive study material for a learner. It allows you to take free tests that are developed by test professionals. Unlike most other sites, this site does not require you to create an account or register with them. The site is comprehensive because you can take practice tests and materials for Math, writing, Critical Reading, and Vocabulary. You can download the vocabulary list and learn them at your convenience. This preparation can be accessed at:

SAT Prep Materials

There a variety of study materials available in the form of guide books, software, flash cards and so on. The best books to prepare for exam are:

  • The Official SAT Study Guide
  • Kaplan SAT Premier Program
  • Cracking the New SAT by The Princeton Review
  • 500 Key Words for SAT by Charles Gulotta

You must learn to read a variety of books because the examination checks your vocabulary through many ways. The vocabulary list is extensive because vocabulary is included in the Critical Reasoning and Writing section, which makes up more than two-thirds of the test paper. Vocabulary is also essential because a test needs to know how to use it correctly, especially while writing essays, which is a mandatory section. Thus, he/she must brush up on vocabulary in order to score high.

In the End...

Being a assessment student requires dedication and constant effort in order to succeed with high scores. You need to allow yourself plenty of time to prepare and practice as much as you can towards the exam. Use study techniques such as flashcards to prepare for Vocabulary and practice for the Reasoning and Math sections. You might want to opt for tutorial classes if you feel that you need help in solving questions quicker or to learn ways to improve your score. Analyze your weak areas at the outset so that you have plenty of time to work towards improving your score in that area/topic. Last but not the least, develop a positive outlook that you will score high, which will get you into a college of your choice.