Importance Of Average SAT Scores

How can information on average SAT scores help you

What is the SAT?

The SAT is a standardized exam, which acts as a strong indicator as to the capability of test takers to study in the graduate programs of colleges. The score is a strong admission criterion for enrollment in the best colleges after you have passed your high school. The exam measures your critical reading, mathematical reasoning and writing skills for your admission in the top graduate schools and colleges. It helps in determining a student’s readiness for being a candidate suitable for schools or colleges. The College Board introduced the SAT, about 80 years ago, as a benchmark of a standardized test to gauge a student’s ability to succeed in the graduate programs and courses. It also determines whether a student is eligible for a scholarship course in the graduate schools.

What are Average SAT Scores?

The average scores or often called as the mean scores are calculated based on the latest test scores of all the test-takers belonging to a particular graduating class of a particular year. It is the average scores of all the graduating students of a given year, calculated annually. The institutions to consider your application use the average of your marks. However, your curriculum activities, extra grades in your high schools, GPA and your dual enrollment records, are together clubbed with the average scores before admitting you for the graduate degree. Different schools use different parameters to use your SAT average score. It is accepted in most of the colleges for admission. It is calculated by taking the mean of the scores of all the students in that particular year. In 2011, 1500 was the average SAT score. The divisions were 497 in critical reading, 514 in Math and 489 in writing section.

How Do the Colleges Use Your Average SAT Scores?

Your average marks is the indicator of your admission in the graduate schools. The graduate schools use their own average as an eligibility criterion for admission in the graduate schools. Following are some of the graduate schools, which set their own average scores for their prospective students.

  • Ivy League Schools:

    The most important thing to note is that the Ivy League schools also takes into account the curriculum activities, GPA, community service and AP, dual-enrollment, Honors, etc., along with your score for admission. The average scores required by Ivy League schools are shown in the following:

    • Yale University: 2090-2240
    • Princeton University: 2090-2350
    • University of Pennsylvania: 2020-2290
    • Harvard University: 1800-2400
    • Dartmouth College: 2194
    • Columbia University: 2110-2300
    • Brown University: 2050-2330
  • Average SAT Scores for Public Universities:

    The public universities have their average scores marked lower than the private institutions. The scores of the public universities of North east, Midwest, South and West give the test takers a platform for admission. It is a benchmark for future enrollment of students in the graduate programs. It serves the purpose of measuring the college-readiness of a student.

  • Average SAT Scores for Private Universities:

    The private universities are in good demand by fresh students, ready with their test report sheet for their admission. The private schools impart world class tutoring in their courses. The average scores of the private university of North East, Midwest, South and West are comparatively higher than the public universities. However, you must keep in mind that all your curriculum activities, GPA, etc., are considered along with your examination result, before admitting you in their courses.

How Do the Average SAT Scores Help You?

The main purpose of the College Board to come up with the idea of average scores is to enable the students to enjoy access to a superior level of education. Most of the times, you may not be ready to face the upcoming courses in college. With the introduction of this, the secondary school teachers equip you with necessary skills for improving your college-readiness. You can get a gist of your capability when your average scores are compared with that of the other candidates. It is on this basis that you will get your admission and follow your career goals accordingly.