Information Regarding SAT Scholarships

Everything about SAT Scholarships

The SAT test is governed by the College Board and tests students for skills in basic educational abilities and concepts taught in school. It evaluates test takers in the disciplines of Critical Reading, Math and Writing. SAT scholarships are awarded to students with exceptional scores on the test. It may be awarded in the form of monetary prizes or as discounts on college fees and other expenses. An exam fee waiver is also available for test takers who cannot afford to take the test. A host of information is available over the internet about the scholarships that are awarded by various universities and academic institutions.

  • The Centenary College, New Jersey offers scholarships to students that have a SAT score of 850 or higher as a composite of Critical Reading and Math. This is the presidential award and the student receives up to $10,000 annually, which is renewable as long as the student can maintain a GPA of 2.5. The college also offers other scholarships to students with competitive test scores. The amount awarded depends on the scholarship. More information about scholarships can be found at:

  • The Dominican University of California also offers an award of up to $11,500 annually to students that show a track record of maintaining a GPA of 3.6 through High school and a score of 1200 or above. The college website also provides you with a scholarship calculator which you can use to derive an estimate to your scholarship amount. You will need to enter you High school GPA and your score in the calculator. Annual scholarships are also renewable for up to three additional years apart from the year in which it is awarded. In order to receive the scholarship annually terms and conditions regarding academic performance as mentioned on the college website have to be adhered. More information is available at:

  • The Earlham College Indiana offers of $5000 per year to students who either have a GPA of 3.6 or higher through High school or rank within the top 15% of their class. Such students must also have a composite score of 1200 of higher. Other scholarships are also awarded depending upon the scores of the applicants.

  • The Niagara University of New York offers exam bursary of up to $9,500 with a marks of 1150 or higher and a GPA above 95%. Smaller amounts are awarded to students with lower scores.

  • The Wilmington College, Ohio offers an award of $9,000 to students with a score above 1090 and a final high school GPA of 3.0

  • SAT fee waivers are available for those students who cannot afford to pay for the test. Such scholarships enable a test taker to appear for the test free of cost and also provide them with additional benefits like additional score cards to be sent to universities and colleges, Student-Answer-Sheets to provide guidance for model answers etc. Additional information about exam fee waivers is available at: You should contact your educational institution or your academic agent to find out more details about that.

They are awarded to students under the norms of various eligibility and criterion. You should use a local search engine on the internet to look for scholarships provided by universities of your interest. You should ensure that you have used correct keywords to gain the appropriate results. You should always read the rules and regulations and eligibility criteria so you are aware of the score you will have to achieve in your tests.