SAT Registration Dates

When Should You Register for the SAT?

The SAT is a standardized test taken by students around the world. It is divided into three sections Critical Reading, Math and Writing. It is conducted at various locations around the world and offers different registration dates. There are various ways to register for the test. You can either register online or by mail depending on your location and the type of services offered in your locality. There are various characteristics to your registration depending upon the method of registration. For instance, if you register for the test online, you will also receive an online SAT score card about three weeks after the test. Registrations by test takers made via mail only receive a hard copy of the score card about five weeks from the test.


Registration dates are available online on the official website, the link to which is as follows: Here you will be able to find out details about the test dates and locations depending upon where and when you wish to take the test. You should register for the test at least two weeks prior to the test date. The College Board suggests that students take their SAT either during their junior or senior year in High school. This gives them enough time to re-take the test should they require doing so. The official website promotes the idea of planning towards the SAT test. It suggests that you take the time to review the test subjects you study during your formative years of study and ensure that you have picked the correct subjects so you will be able to cope in college. To read about the study plans suggested by the College Board check the following link:

Registration Schedule on the Website

Detailed testing schedules are uploaded on the official website and give potential test takers information about upcoming test dates, registration deadlines, prices for registrations and late registrations, mode of registration and the last date for registration. When choosing between registration dates you should ensure that you have picked a convenient date and testing center so as to avoid unforeseen inconveniences. Some locations also conduct tests on Sundays for test takers who are not able to attend a test on a Saturday due to religious observances. Sunday testing is not conducted in Pakistan and India. Notices about exceptions and other rules and regulations about the test should be read whilst registration. You can also set a reminder for a particular test date from the online list of registration dates. You will receive an e-mail reminder about registering for that test when the date draws nearer.

Provisions and Regulations

  • The SAT test offers bursaries to students who cannot afford to pay for the test. Such Scholarships or bursaries are offered to American citizens taking the SAT. For details about waivers visit the following link:

  • There is a policy on cancellation of a test date. The SAT online test schedule usually prescribes the date by which you should have informed the testing board regarding any change in the dates, test or location of the test. Comprehensive information about changing registration dates can be found at the following link:

  • Test takers with special needs or disabilities are also offered certain benefits and are required to read the rules and regulations as prescribed by the College Board. All such information is available online at the following link:

  • Once you have competed your registration you should also go through the tips and tricks for studying the SAT subject matter and also about what you should expect on the test day. Information about the code of conduct and permissible items on the test room, including testing procedures and guidelines are also available on the official website.