SAT Online Registration

Online Registration of SAT Explained!

What is SAT Registration?

The SAT is a standardized college entrance exam which evaluates the college-readiness of the test-takers and seeks to examine the test-takers’ skills in Critical Reading, Math and Writing. It is administered seven times in a year in the US and six times in international locations. You can register for the test through mail, phone or online. The most preferred procedure is the online registration of SAT. If you opt for online registration, you will enjoy facilities, which are easily accessible over the internet. Moreover, the online registration allows you to make any changes you desire, to the registration details, before the day of the exam.

How Would You Register for SAT Online?

There are some easy steps to register for the test online. In the following steps, you shall find the steps for online registration.

Step 1: Make a SAT account

The first step for online registration is to create an online My SAT account. You have to click at the blue Sign Up bar and then proceed further. Next, you have to fill up the required information, needed for the making of your account. The information field contains four categories. The name of the category and the information required in each category are given below:

  1. Student’s Information:
    • Student’s first name, middle initials and last name
    • Gender of the student
    • Zip/Postal Code
    • Date of Birth
    • Date of High School Graduation
    • Your Email address and confirmation of the same
  2. Parent’s Information:
    • Parent’s first name and last name
    • Parent’s email address and the confirmation of the same
  3. Create Username and Password:
    • Create a unique username
    • Create a password and confirm the same
    • Choose a security question and answer the same
  4. Finishing Up:
    • Simply specify who is filling out the registration form, i.e., student, student and parent together, student and counselor/teacher together, parent or educator
    • Click ‘Agree to the Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Submit’ button to complete your my SAT account.

Step 2: Confirming Your Registration

For confirming your admission ticket, in the next step the College Board confirms your basic information like your first, middle and the last name and your date of birth. Once you are done, click the verification checkbox and then click ‘submit’ to be redirected to the webpage within 10 seconds. Build up your College Profile and select the test dates and center of your desire to complete your online registration. Once all the formal procedures are done, you will get an admission ticket, mailed into your email id or My SAT account.

Step 3: Confirm Your Admission Ticket:

You have to recheck your admission ticket and see whether it has all the authentic details about you. In case there is a fault or you want to make changes on your own, just log in to your SAT account again and make the necessary amendments.

Why Is It Preferable to Register Online for SAT?

Registering for the test over the internet has its own sets of advantages. Firstly, you will have access to the registration details, 24/7 that will enable you to make any type of last-minute changes. Secondly, as soon as you create a SAT account for online registration, you will instantly get an authorized test center, an admission ticket delivered in your account, email inbox or to a postal address. Moreover, you can send your scores to a maximum of four colleges and institutions of your choice, view your test scores, print a revised copy of the admission ticket and make the least errors while choosing the test dates, using your online account. Hence, it is for these reasons, online registration is considered beneficial.