SAT Flash Cards

SAT Flashcards That You Cannot Ignore

With competitions increasing day by day in the educational world, resources to make learning simpler and less strenuous are constantly on the rise. An uncomplicated, unfussy tool can prove valuable for students who are breaking their minds to learn too many things in a very short time. One among such tools is undoubtedly, flash cards. Flash cards enable playful and enthusiastic learning and hence with them, learning can be made extremely nourishing. With all these said, it cannot be denied that flash cards are precious gifts for the aspirant. In this article, let us discuss some of the flash cards.

This meticulously designed site covers all areas of the test such as sentence completion, passage comparisons, sentence and paragraph improvement, essays and the mathematical subjects – algebra, mathematics and probability. It also offers 25 flash cards for free trial. Upon clicking its link, we can see that, at the center of the page lies the question and the student can either opt to answer it or move to next question. At the top left corner, tips are provided for easy remembrance of the word. And at the top right, an example is illustrated on the word usage. This site has over 1400 vocabulary words, 3 full-length practice tests, 1000 practice problems etc and one needs to sign up for accessing the same. No wonder it is an ideal place for SAT flash cards. provides quality flash cards created professionally and it covers all the major areas of the test. Plainly written in an easy to understand manner, these portable cards are of tremendous usage in test preparation and practice. According to this site, another feature of their flash cards is that they contain detailed explanation for answers thereby eliminating the need to flip through the pages of books for elaborate reasoning and understanding. This site, by means of its process painless by giving a good exposure to flash cards, makes the learningthe question patterns and teaching how to quickly solve difficult questions. presents around 1000 online flash cards focused on vocabulary that would greatly aid in reinforcing the language skills of the aspirants. This site does its job best by displaying the flash card having the question. The card can be clicked on to turn over and the answer can be verified. As simple as that! Much to learners’ credit, this site also offers vocabulary quizzes for free!

This website has 14 free online quizzes on vocabulary. Students can train or test themselves either in quiz format or through flash cards. For the quiz format, all we need to do is to just click on the quiz link. The questions open in another pop up window one by one. Hit the guessed answer from a list of choices and check your knowledge. The flash card method is simple, too. Click on the flash-cards link and now the card appears. Each word on the flash cards has its meaning hidden. Once guessing, students can click the ‘See Definition’ link to view the answer and pat themselves, for each correct answer!

The main advantages of paper-made flash cards are that they can be carried anywhere and they don’t require any proper set up for learning. Online flash cards are also extremely helpful as it lessens the burden of learning. In whatever way they are presented, the flash cards hold a top rank in students’ mind. Thus, with a variety of flash cards available, students ought to identify the best ones and utilize them to enhance their knowledge.