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Collegeboard has its origin in the year 1900 in United States as the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB). It was formed with the association of some schools, colleges, universities and other educational organizations to meet the ‘need of education for all’ i.e. it aimed at providing educational services not only to the privileged class but also to the under privileged ones by granting financial assistance to them.

Collegeboard conducts several exams across the world viz SAT, PSAT(Preliminary SAT- qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Corporation scholarship programs ), AP (Advanced Placement Program- trains high school students in advance to get placed in the best colleges), ACCUPLACER (examines reading, writing and math skills), etc. is the official website of Collegeboard where one can access information about the exams it organizes on a regular basis. SAT has its origin in the year 1926. It was earlier known as Scholastic Aptitude Test, later on the name changed to Scholastic Assessment Test. The exam is open for students across the world. This exam aspires to provide admissions to students at various colleges in United States. It comprises three sections- Critical Reading section, Math section and Writing section. Each section is scored on a scale of 800 thus, making it a total score of 2400, and the total duration for the test is three hours and forty five minutes., the Best Virtual SAT Guide

  1. Personalized study plan: Collegeboard provides SAT aspirants with the option to choose from a variety of test plans based on one’s plan of preparation (one is taking the test for the first time/ has already taken once/ has never taken the test/ the duration for which one is planning to prepare for the test.)

  2. Test registration: One can easily register online for the SAT exam through It provides updates of the exam on a regular basis and thus precludes the chance of missing the exam. To get more information about registration one can refer to the webpage

  3. SAT study materials’ guide: The Collegeboard website provides access to a number of study materials to prepare for the exam. One can avail reviews of books, their latest editions to refer to and their prices. The book, Online access to SAT Study Guide which has been launched by the Collegeboard, comprises sets of real questions as well as several practice questions. Besides, the book is equipped with required suggestions to approach difficult questions from every section of the exam. In addition, one gets the privilege of getting scores of online practice tests. The Official Study Guide for All SAT Subject Tests 2nd edition holds real test questions and various practice sets from all sections of the SAT subject tests (English, History, Mathematics, Science, Languages). Besides, tips are mentioned for students regarding preparing themselves for the exam day. Moreover, practice tests related to every subject are mentioned, and explanations of answers, and recommendations for required course work are mentioned. One also prepares oneself with audio CDs for listening and comprehending commands in all the languages (Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Korean, and Japanese) of the test, and then learns to choose the correct option on the answer sheet. To avail more information one can log on to the webpage

  4. Real SAT test question experience: One can experience a real SAT test question everyday with hints to solve the question and full explanation for the correct answer. To get more information one can log on to

  5. Students’ search service: The Collegeboard website acts as a medium to provide database of interested students to the colleges accepting SAT scores. One has to register and provide one’s profile information on the website, With this available database, colleges can search for prospective students and contact them if they fit in with the criteria set for admission.

  6. Introduction to an online course: The website provides test takers the facility to access the paramount online course, The Official SAT Online Course which constitutes online interactive lessons followed by quizzes from each section of the exam, automated essay scoring, personalized score reports for individual improvement and obviously, this course can be accessed from anywhere. To get more information one can delve into the webpage

  7. Imagine and solve tough questions: provides the facility to solve tough questions imaginatively. One can view the picture demonstration of a question which helps one to imagine and understand the concept in a better way. To avail more information one can log on to

Wrapping up

To get oneself ready for an exam one has to choose the best preparation platform which ought to have the facilities to register for the test, to have access to number of practice questions, to get tips to solve tough questions creatively, to get access to the best colleges that accept SAT scores, to get to know about the paramount study materials especially meant for the exam, and many more features to delve into. The article intends to highlight the role of Collegeboard in providing all these services to successfully crack the SAT exam.