Register SAT

Register for SAT Online

SAT is a globally recognized entrance examination for admissions to universities across the United States. It has a standardized pattern consisting of critical reading, writing and math sections. These are considered to be the basics for students from any background, which makes SAT a benchmark for admissions. Although there are some colleges that don’t consider the test, these are mostly related to music, arts etc.

You can register for the exam in four ways-

  • Register online
  • Register by mail
  • Standby registration
  • Home-schooled registration

Out of these, the first one is the most convenient way because it is very simple to book dates as well as centers online. To register for online test, all you have to do is, go to the College Board website, There you will find all the relevant forms that you need to fill up in order to register for the exam.

Get Started

The initial thing you need to do is to create your user account on the website. This is a very simple process and it is free of cost. Once you are registered as a member you get lots of benefits like-

  • You can register for the test
  • Apply to colleges directly online
  • You can send and receive exam scores through this membership
  • Apply to various scholarship programs to get financial aid
  • Obtain a list of colleges and compare them

After you have your own account you can register anytime you want to take the test. However, it is advisable that you create this account while you are in your junior year; this also helps you with your preparation and you can stay up to date with the latest happenings in the SAT world.

Fee Structure

The basic fee structure for SAT is as follows-

  • Basic SAT fee = $49
  • Basic subject test fee = $22
  • Additional fee for language test with listening = $22
  • Additional fee for all other subjects = $11

This fee can be paid in three modes- credit card (American Express, Visa, Discover or Master Card), check or money order drawn on a US bank in favor of College Board and international money orders/UNESCO coupons (for international registrations only). Also note that these payments are non-refundable.

Fee Waivers

For students who cannot afford to pay for the test, fee waivers are available. Note that only US students (citizens) are eligible for fee waivers. These waivers cover-

  • The registration fee for a single test date, for SAT or three subject tests
  • Additional four score reports can be ordered either at the time of registering or after the results
  • The verification services, if ordered during registration
  • Discount on the “Official SAT Online Course” if ordered during registration

A waiver can be obtained from your counselor or any authorized agency. Note that waivers are not applicable in case of late registrations. To use the waiver just enter the 12-digit code when prompted during the registration process.

Additional Resources

There are several other options available in the registration process. A few important ones are mentioned here-

  • Student Search Service- This service enables College Board to send your details to colleges and scholarship programs who can then contact you directly with their offerings. This is a very effective scheme and most students get admissions/scholarships through it.

  • Score Choice- It is an effective way of choosing which scores you would like to project after you have given the test. If you do not opt for this service all your scores will go the universities you have chosen. You can choose to send your score to four recipients for free, after this you have to pay $10.5 per score.

  • Score Verification- If you would like to verify your score after getting the results, you can avail this service. It will include a booklet containing the questions, difficulty levels, instructions on scoring and your reports. You can also avail this service after the test.

Another important point is that if you have missed the deadline for registration, you can use the late registration option with an additional fee of $26. You can also make changes to your initial registration details with a change fee of $25. For more details visit the College Board website.