Length of SAT Test

How Long Will You Take to Appear for SAT?

SAT is administered by the College Board for the student admissions into the under graduate courses of various colleges across the USA. It is estimated that approximately three million students appear for this test every year. So, you would have to face stiff competition to get through and secure admission in the college of your choice. You can get entire information regarding SAT at the official website of the College Board.

SAT Test Sections

SAT consists of three sections. They are the Critical Reading section, the Mathematics section and the Writing section.

  • The Critical Reading section of the test consists of multiple choice questions with questions asked based upon the sentence completion and passage based reading with long and short excerpts from the works in natural sciences, humanities, social sciences and literary fiction.

  • The Mathematics section consists of two types of questions namely multiple choice question and student-produced responses. The questions in the Mathematics section are based upon the concepts of mathematics like numbers and operation, algebra and functions, geometry and measurement, data analysis, statistics and probability.

  • The Writing section of the test consists of an essay and the rest are multiple choice questions. The multiple choice questions are based upon error detection in the given sentences, choosing the best version of a given piece of writing and improving the given paragraphs.

Length of the SAT Test

The length of SAT is the time allotted to the paper. There are two SAT tests viz. the SAT Reasoning Test and the SAT Subject Tests. There are altogether 20 Subject Tests. The length of the test differs for both of the above mentioned reasoning and subject tests. The test of subjects is of one hour duration and the Reasoning Test is of three-hour and forty-five minute duration. Throughout the test, you will find that it is divided into separately timed sections which are discussed in detail below.

Length of the Sections of SAT

The three-hour and forty-five minute duration of the SAT test comprising of three main sections is further divided into separately timed sub-sections.

  • The  Writing section is divided into three separately timed sub-sections. The writing essay part is of 25 minutes, the rest of the multiple choice questions are divided into two sections of which one is of 25 minutes and the other of 10 minutes. Hence, the whole length of the Writing section amounts to a total duration of 60 minutes.

  • The Mathematics section is divided into three sections of which two are of 25 minutes and the other is of 20 minutes. One of the 25 minutes section consists of multiple choice as well as the student-produced response type of questions. The other two sections consist of multiple choice questions. Hence, the total time allotted to the Mathematics section of the test is 70 minutes.

  • The Critical Reading sectional length is further divided into three sub-sections of which two sub-sections are of 25 minute duration and the other one is of 20 minutes. All the three sub-sections consist of multiple choice questions only. Hence, the total time allotted to the Critical Reading section of the test is 70 minutes.

  • Finally, there is another section called as the variable section which is unscored i.e. the score you obtain in this section does not account to your total score and this section consists of multiple choice questions only. This section is allotted 25 minutes.

  • So, on the whole, the full test is allotted a time of 225 minutes which is three-hours and forty-five minutes.