How to Pass SAT Test

10 Tips to Score High in SAT

Although the SAT is taken by hundreds of students around the world the strategies and tips given to students are the same. It boils down to dedication and smart work. Should you be familiar with the subject matter and the question types you should be able to crack the test with a high score. Understanding key points about the test will help you learn how to pass the test. There are various test prep materials and courses available to test takers depending on the degree of help they require to prepare for the test. It is however how you maximize such study material and utilize it in the available time that truly matters. Here are a few tips on how to pass the SAT.

Study for the Vocabulary Section

The SAT test is said to test your vocabulary. A number of guides and prep material are available over the internet for the vocabulary section. The official website also provides you with useful references of reading material that will help build your vocabulary for the test.

  1. Create a Schedule

    After you have picked your SAT test date you should devise a study schedule to help you cope with the study material. You must also ensure that you have enough time to revise what you have studied and also practice it. You will realize that a lot of time is wasted if you study without a strict schedule and this would lead to a low score on the test. Abiding by a strict comprehensive prep schedule is one of the best ways to clear the test.

  2. Take a Mock Test

    You should familiarize yourself with the SAT test study matter and concepts. Whilst doing so you are advised to familiarize yourself with the study matter and question types of the test. Taking a mock test will help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and tell you where to put your efforts. You will be able to concentrate and improvise on your weaknesses and build on your strengths.

  3. Study

    Two key drivers of SAT test are concentration and devotion. Whilst studying for the exam you should tell yourself that you wish to crack it at the first attempt. Give it your best and try to keep yourself interested. Study with your peers if you think it would make a difference.

  4. Recreational Activities

    Studying for the SAT test can be taxing and test takers often lose interest after a while. You should be able to strike a balance between work and play. Study when you know you will be able to concentrate and retain the information you are studying. Take regular timed breaks to calm your mind. Relax or take a nap if necessary.

  5. Use the Elimination Method

    If you do not know the answer to a particular question you should eliminate the wrong choices first. You will then be left with fewer choices to pick the right answer from. Look for extreme choices in the Critical Reading sections. Remember the order of difficulty. The obvious answer is usually the wrong one and is intended to confuse you.

  6. Cross-check

    Always use your answer booklet to complete calculations. Make less use of the calculator whilst practicing if you can. This will make it easier for you to solve simple mathematical operations and help you save time. Always cross check your calculations so you know you have the right answer.

  7. Never Leave an Answer Blank

    It is a fact that you lose 1/4th of a point for every wrong answer. However since your raw score is rounded up it won’t make too much of a difference. Students also tend to mark the answers to the wrong question if the previous one is left blank. For example, if you leave the answer to question 4 blank, there is likelihood that you may mark the answer to question 5 in place of question 4.

  8. Keep the Essay Simple

    The SAT test begins with the essay section. You should bear in mind that it is a difficult task for readers to evaluate hundreds of essays written by test takers. Always keep your language simple and the argument to the point. Present your opinion and make it look like your essay is superior to the argument or issue provided.

  9. Use Authentic Study Material

    Always make sure that the study material you intend to use to prepare for the test is authentic and covers all the necessary study matter involved in the test. Study Guides also come with useful tips and tricks on how to clear the test.