How Much Is The Cost of SAT Test

Can You Afford To Take The SAT?

How much is the SAT test's cost? If you are wondering about the cost of the SAT before you begin your preparation, then you are doing the right thing. The SAT is not available for free. It is a common entrance test administered by the College Board and ETS and can be taken only after its cost has been paid. Before you plan to take the test, you must know the cost of the test and plan your finances accordingly.

The SAT Registration Fees

The College Board website,, will provide you with detailed information about the cost or fee structure of the SAT. It offers you information about the cost of the test, in case you are:

  • In the US: Candidates anywhere in the US pay the same stipulated fees of USD 49.
  • An international candidate: International candidates have to pay an extra USD 29 towards international processing fees. Candidates from certain countries such as India and Pakistan have to pay more for the test. An additional component, called the Security Fees of USD 24, is charged as extra arrangements are required to conduct tests in these countries.

The registration fees will vary for other reasons as well.

Subject Tests: If you have to take subject tests, you would have to pay for each subject accordingly.

  • Basic registration for subject tests: USD 22.
  • Language test with listening: USD 22.
  • All other Subject tests: USD 11 per subject test.
  • Late Registration: If you are past the date of registration, you may still be able to register for the tests subject to availability of dates and test centers. However, you will have to pay an extra amount of USD 26 for the same.
  • Change of Test Center or Date: If you need to change the test center or the test date, you may do so after paying an extra charge of USD 25.
  • Scores Reporting: If you want extra score reports or use the service of 'rush reporting' of scores, you may request for the same but will have to bear the extra cost between USD 10 and USD 30.
  • Standby Registration: In case, you have not been able to register for the test, you may be able to take advantage of Standby Registration. The charges are USD 43 for standby registration and have to be paid at the test center. It should be noted that there is no guarantee that you will be able to take the test through standby registration.

You are required to register for the SAT every time and pay for it. When you make an estimate of how much the SAT test costs, remember to include the number of times you plan to take the test.

Special Cases

How much does the SAT test cost for special cases? Certain candidates who belong to low income group category may be entitled to a fee waiver from College Board. You may be given a complete waiver or a discount. For more information, you can look into the official website,

The Cost of Preparation:

How much is the test in terms of its preparation cost? Preparing for the SAT is not easy. You may want to take help from study guides, join a coaching center or enroll for an online preparation course. Remember that none of these options is free and will cost you money. Some preparation courses are good but are quite expensive. On an average, the cost of preparation courses ranges from a few hundred dollars to about two thousand dollars approximately. The total cost towards the preparation for the SAT can be a substantial sum of money and you should consider this also.

As SAT is an entrance test for gaining admission to college, you might want to think about how you can pay for the tuition and living expenses during the course of your study. A high score in this test may help you get a scholarship from the college you wish to join or even a National Merit Scholarship. However, there is no guarantee that you will win a scholarship even if your scores are high. Therefore, you must prepare for bearing the financial costs or have a plan to do so. Concerns about the cost of the test become less of a problem once you are clear about the money matters.