Free Printable SAT Test

5 Free Printable SAT Test Resources

You may be proficient in the contents and subject matter required for SAT, but without practice you may not be able to score high. There are many resources available online that allow you to download practice tests and solve them at your own time.

Why Printable SAT Tests are important?

Preparation for the SAT test is not complete if you have not been able to practice. A free printable test is important for several reasons:

  • All sections of the test have to be finished in a particular amount of time. Though the questions may not seem tough, it may be a different matter altogether to complete the test within the stipulated time. Without enough practice you may not be able to finish the test on time.

  • There are certain test strategies that you must know and apply when taking the test. While you can learn the tips and tricks easily, they would be of little use unless you practice applying them.

  • Practice tests give you a proper feedback about how prepared you are as well as the areas that you may require to improve on.

  • A free test allows you to make notes on the test paper wherever necessary. Thus, referencing them later for reviewing is a quick and easy process.

  • The more you practice, the better you will get. Try to simulate the test environment when taking a practice test.

  • A printable test gives you the option to take the test when you have the time. As opposed to online tests, you can also take the test again if you deem it necessary. This may not be possible for online tests as they are dynamic in nature and may be changed.

Most of the renowned test preparation companies such as Princeton Review, Kaplan, Petersons and the like have links on their websites to practice the tests. In addition to these, there are certain useful resources on the internet that allow you to download a test for you to practice.

College Board (

The official website of College Board, provides free tests. The questions on the free test from are relevant and up to date with the pattern of the test and therefore, you must solve them. Almost all candidates find the tests from useful. You will find full tests on the site for practice. (

This is a popular site for practice tests and you will find free tests for the Verbal and Mathematics sections of the exam. You can practice the test as a full length test also. The tests are updated on the site on a regular basis. (

You will find at least one free test from renowned test preparation companies in this site. The advantage of this site is that you will find reliable practice tests from preferred companies at one place on this site. The list is updated on a regular basis.

SAT Free (

You will find free worksheets for all sections of the test. The site is organized according to the sections and you can download free test for mathematics. You will find separate worksheets for a range of topics including algebra, advanced algebra, number operations and other topics. If you are looking for a thorough topic-wise practice, you may find the practice tests useful.

Test (

You will find a printable test for the Mathematics section. The test is comprehensive and is derived from questions from the "5 SAT Math Practice Test" book from Test Professors. The questions cover the Mathematical concepts of algebra, geometry, fractions and proportions and other topics including basic Mathematics. If you are looking for practice tests exclusively for Mathematics, you may find these useful as they cover most of the syllabus required for the Mathematics section

As with all internet resources, you should research all information provided on the websites for relevance. Therefore, you should try to solve only the relevant and up-to-date tests. There have been changes in the test pattern since 2005 and certain types of questions are no longer relevant. Solving more recent practice tests are more beneficial than practicing with older tests. However, the important point to remember is to practice as many tests as you can. It will help you to be more confident and better prepared for the test.