College Board SAT Test

10 Things about SAT That You Need to Know

Introduction to SAT

SAT is administered by the College Board for facilitating the admissions of students into various colleges in the USA. The students from junior or senior grade usually take the SAT. The scores of the College Board test are accepted by more than 5800 colleges in the USA for review process to admit students into their courses. Apart from these test, ACT is another test that is also administered for the same purpose.

10 Important Things You Need to Know about SAT

Before taking the SAT, there are some important aspects of this test that you need to know. Mentioned below are 10 important points that you need to know.

  1. Surfing the test's official website. You can visit it at the link: You need to first visit the official website and surf through it.You can gather authentic information regarding the test at the official website of the SAT.

  2. Understanding the official website. The SAT not only explains every detail about test but also gives you tips to make your exam preparation better. You can get practice papers for the test and can get the official Study Guide and many other online materials.

  3. SAT test centers and dates. From the official website of the SAT, you can know all the information regarding the test centers, test dates and also know about the registration details and the modes of registration that you will have to follow.

  4. SAT registration details. You can visit the following link for registering for the exam.

    Registering for the test online can be done only by signing up with the official website. By signing up with SAT, you will be provided with a dedicated ‘My SAT’ account from which you can register for both Reasoning Tests as well as the Subject Tests. You can get scores of your tests once they are released. Moreover, you can know about the participating colleges for admissions. You can manage all the college lists and can apply for the colleges depending upon your scores.

  5. Knowing about the Reasoning Tests and the Subject Tests of SAT . The SAT comprises of two tests namely the Reasoning Test and Subject Tests. There are 20 Subject Tests which aim at testing your skills in particular subjects of your choice. The Reasoning Test is the one which consists of three sections and tests your aptitude levels and your English language proficiency as well.

  6. Analyzing the test structure. It is a three-hour and forty-five-minute test. It consists of three sections namely Critical Reading section, Writing section and the Math section. You need to understand and know what type of questions are asked in these sections and what are you required to possess to tackle each section with finesse.

  7. Understanding all the three sections of the test. The Math section of the test consists of problem solving question from mathematical concepts from algebra, geometry, calculus etc in broad. Even, questions based upon concepts from high school mathematics are also being asked. The Writing section consists of an essay to be written in 25 minutes and the other questions are multiple choice questions. The Critical Reading section of the test too consists of multiple choice questions. Typically, the Writing and the Critical Reading sections ask you questions based upon English language.

  8. Planning your preparation for the test. Planning is the most important aspect of SAT. You must plan your test date first thus allowing yourself to allot sufficient time for your preparation. Prepare an action plan depending upon your strengths and weaknesses that would help you reach your target of scoring high in the test.

  9. Effectively implement your plan by attending either an exam coaching institute or by preparing for the test on your own.

  10. On the day of the exam, keep yourself cool and confident while you attempt the paper. You must attempt the paper with utmost care since in SAT, negative marking is valid.