How to Check SAT Scores

How, Where and When You Can Check SAT Scores

The SAT test is taken by college applicants worldwide and is a standardized test that measures a student’s ability of base level education in high school that will help him to study at a collegiate level. The test is conducted worldwide at numerous locations, however they have standard policies about application processes and results. A student that has registered for the test online receives his results three weeks from the test date. You can obtain the scores online by visiting the official College Board website and by using your login details.

Understanding Your Scores

You need to understand the scores before you go online to see test scores. The test is marked on a scaled range of 200-800 points. It comprises of three sections Critical Reading, Math and Writing. The essay of the Writing Section is scored by two readers who score it on a range of 1-6 points each. This score is then converted to a score ranging from 2-12 points. The Critical Reading, Math and part of the Writing section are first scored on a range of 20-80 points and then converted to a scaled score of 200-800 in each case. You receive one point for each correct answer, lose 1/4th point for a wrong answer except for the grid-in questions in the Math section as they pose no penalty and receive no marking for an omitted question.

Where and How to Check Your Scores.

Applicants who registered for the test online using a College Board account can see their result online according to the schedule posted on the website. The website usually posts test results online three weeks after the test date. The test taker can check his entire score card online that gives the information about his score, percentile score and evaluation of the essay with markers and guidelines about scoring practices. Applicants who registered for the test via mail receive a hard copy of their score cards via mail. These score cards are sent to the test taker five weeks after the test date. Such students may opt to receive their scores online. You may also check you score over the phone by calling the customer service number and providing them with your test registration number from your admission ticket, your date of birth and credit card details (for an additional fee of $15 per call). You can check your scores over the phone only three weeks after the test date. This means that the scores are available on the internet and the phone at the same time.