California SAT Test

SAT Test Prep Sources in California

Residing in California has its advantages, more so if you are preparing for SAT. Whether you are planning to join a test center or looking for a home tutor, you will not have a dearth of options.  You can opt to join a coaching center or prefer to be home tutored privately. Some California test preparation institutions also provide online courses. Apart from test preparation companies, university of California also holds preparation courses.

    SAT Test Centers in California:

    The SAT test is conducted in the University of California and high schools. California test centers are located in all major cities including but not limited to San Jose, San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange.

    SAT Coaching Centers in California:

    Some of the most renowned California test preparation companies for SAT are listed below:

    • Elite Prep ( : Elite Prep offer coaching classes in almost all cities in Northern and Southern California. They offer two courses for the preparation of SAT - Regular Program and Intensive Program:
      • Both the programs focus on the Reasoning Test with extra workshops on selected topics to allow for more flexibility to the students.
      • There are separate classes for
        • Critical Reading
        • Mathematics
        • Writing
        • Practice tests
      • All the classes are conducted on a weekly basis.
    • McElroy Tutoring ( It is one of the most renowned California test prep companies and provides preparation courses online as well as in-classroom and at-home. 
      • Public Library or Coffeehouse tutoring: In this unique approach to tutoring for SAT, students are trained to concentrate in areas where there is ambient noise present.
      • In home tutoring: Students are trained in the comfort of their home
      • Online tutoring: The course can be accessed online from anywhere in the world. The sessions are 30-60 minutes long.
      • Group courses: This 24-hour classroom test course contains:
        • 10 sessions  
        • 3 Proctored Practice tests.
    • Aim High SAT ( The course from Aim High SAT taught by its founder, educationist Diane Sweeney, is considered to be one of the best among SAT  prep courses. The salient features of the  course are listed below:
      • Pre and post tests administered to the students to measure the difference in scores before and after the course
      • Small class size of not more than 25 students at one time
      • Special emphasis on
        • test-taking tips
        • common mistakes committed and ways to avoid them
        • trick questions and ways to identify and solve such questions
        • common SAT “traps" and how to evade them
      • Essay writing tips and two essays graded as per the test norms on which personalized feedback is provided along with instructions to improve

    SAT Private Tutoring Options in California:

    If you do not wish to join a preparation course, you may opt for home tutors. The tutors can come to your home during a time convenient to you or at a location that suits you better. Some of the most reputed California test preparation institutions that specialize in home tutoring services are:

  • The Academic Advantage It caters to the areas of Southern California including Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, San Diego and neighboring communities.
    • All the tutors have been specially trained for one-to-one test preparation.
    • The Preparation course includes:
      • Course book
      • Diagnostic test
      • Practice tests
      • Vocabulary flash cards
      • Mathematics flashcards
    • All exam tutors are flexible and are available for all seven days of the week morning, afternoon or evening.
  • Tier One Tutors ( Tier One Tutors is a reputed company specializing in proving SAT courses in customized one-on-one home sessions. Tier One Tutors provides:
    • Specially trained teachers who are flexible with respect to timings and locations
    • Web portal to track progress
    • Tips on essay writing, grammar
    • User-friendly course materials to study from

No matter what option you choose for preparation, remember that you have put in hard work and effort so that you can get the maximum out of a course.